Courteney Cox Laughs After Daughter Coco Asks Her About ‘Friends’ Lover Chandler: ‘Oh Gosh’

Courteney Cox got flustered when her daughter, Coco, unexpectedly asked about Chandler Bing! The mother-daughter duo were filming a Mother's Day interview about Courteney's pregnancy experience.

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Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry
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Friends aired its last ever episode before Courteney Cox’s daughter, Coco, was even born! Regardless, the teenager — who’s now 15 years old — had to ask about a certain on-screen lover of her mom’s during the Mother’s Day episode of 9 Months with Courteney Cox. Before the infamous Chandler Bing came up, though, the mother and daughter sat down to discuss Courteney’s pregnancy with Coco for the Season 2 premiere of the Facebook Watch series. It was the perfect interview setup, since the series focuses on couple’s unique pregnancy journeys.

“I’m so uncomfortable it hurts,” Coco admitted at the beginning of the interview, laughing. She then launched into her role as interviewer: “Describe your pregnancy journey with me in three words.” Courteney, 55, drew an “aww” from her daughter when she answered, “Exciting, emotional, great.” The questions got even more creative — at one point, Courteney had to tell Coco the “first word” she associates with “baby,” “pregnancy,” “mother,” and “Chandler.”

Yes, you read that right — Coco wanted to know the immediate word that comes to her mom’s mind when she thinks of Monica Geller’s lover! Hearing Chandler’s name took Courteney by surprise. “Is that one really?” the actress asked. Coco laughed, saying, “Yeah, it really is.” Instead of answering the question, Courteney simply laughed as well and said, “Oh gosh.” While Courteney closed the lid on Chandler-related conversation, you can watch Coco quiz Courteney on even more questions about motherhood in the rest of the clip below.

Fans watched Monica (played by Courteney) and Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) evolve from friends to hookup partners to soulmates throughout Friends‘ 10-season run, while the show aired between 1994-2004. The sitcom lovers will be reuniting soon, though, for their HBO Max reunion! These plans have been delayed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but Courteney and Matthew’s fellow co-star Jennifer Aniston at least had good news to share on April 21: one lucky fan (along with five friends) will get the chance to watch the reunion taping live once it’s safe to do so!