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‘Teen Mom OG’: Cheyenne Races Ryder, 3, To The Hospital After She Suffers A New Health Scare — Watch

In the May 12 episode of 'Teen Mom OG,' Cheyenne Floyd and her daughter Ryder make a trip to the emergency room because of a 'really dangerous' situation.

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Cheyenne Floyd, Ryder
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The May 12 episode of Teen Mom OG takes a scary turn when Cheyenne Floyd, 27, and her daughter Ryder, 3, have to make an emergency trip to the hospital. In MTV’s teaser for Tuesday’s episode, the clip starts off on an optimistic note: the mom-daughter duo FaceTime with Cheyenne’s ex, Cory Wharton, who has been competing on The Challenge for the past month. While Ryder is ecstatic to show off her Spider-Man costume to her dad, Cheyenne admits her daughter “really misses him, so it’s been hard.”

The happy day flips upside down by nighttime. “Later that night, [Ryder] came down with a fever and she wasn’t able to hold down food, which is really dangerous because of her genetic condition, VLCAD,” Cheyenne says in a voice-over, and the screen plays heartbreaking footage of Ryder on a stretcher. VLCAD is a condition that “prevents the body from converting certain fats to energy, particularly during periods without food,” according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It’s a serious issue, and Cheyenne adds, “Her body can go into shock if she doesn’t eat, so I rushed her to the hospital.”

Cheyenne later gives an update from the waiting room, since she and Ryder haven’t yet been admitted. While Ryder rests on her mom’s lap and wears a pink cast, Cheyenne says in a selfie video, “We have to wait because when Ryder has fevers, it can turn into metabolic crisis, where she could go into shock or have a seizure.” The worried mother reveals that Ryder was vomiting, but explains why they’re still waiting to see a doctor in the rest of the clip below. Sadly, this hasn’t been the first time Ryder was rushed to the hospital on Teen Mom OG; she needed an ultrasound of her heart in an episode that aired a year prior in April of 2019.

Since Teen Mom OG isn’t aired in real time, fans know that Ryder is thankfully okay. Cheyenne posted pretty portraits of herself and Ryder to Instagram in honor of Mother’s Day, and had fun plans in store for the May 10 holiday when she spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife: “This year for Mother’s Day, I will be celebrating with champagne and brunch with my favorite people! My mom, nana, sister, and of course Ryder. We are going to cook lots of food and enjoy our day by the pool! Ryder and I sent flowers to our favorite moms since we can’t celebrate with everyone we would want to this year.”