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Steve Harvey’s Face Gets Photoshopped On Meg Thee Stallion’s Body In New Video & Twitter Goes Wild

Steve Harvey...rapping? Nope, that's still Megan Thee Stallion! The talk show host was hilariously edited onto Meg's face for a performance of 'Big Ole Freak' and the video is epic!

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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

All hail “Steve Thee Stallion”! A video featuring the face of Steve Harvey, 63, edited onto the body of Megan Thee Stallion, 25, from a past performance of her hit “Big Ole Freak” has gone viral. The original clip stemmed from Meg’s 25-minute NPR’s Tiny Desk concert, which debuted back in December. While it’s definitely still Meg’s voice and body, the editing magician covered the Houston native’s face with Steve’s, who appears to rap the racy track word-for-word!

“Hit it ’til he big ole skeet/Ay, feet on the bed/I’ll f— him up in the head/Suck it then look in his eyes,” Meg — er, Steve — raps on the sexy Tina Snow track, which samples Immature‘s ’90s classic “It Love This Time?” The video’s editor @MysterGiraffe nailed the timing on the :55 second clip, as Steve’s face, lips and eyes move completely in sync with the raunchy tune. It’s shocking to see family man “Steve” candidly dropping such sexual lines — including one about coming over to “ride” it — but Twitter couldn’t get enough!

“Someone used their amazing skills to put Steve Harvey’s head on Meg the Stallion rapping and that’s why I love the internet,” @kevonstage tweeted, attaching the hilarious video. “Who edited Steve Harvey’s face into Megan Thee Stallion body, please come forward and get your life imprisonment with hard labour,” @AimThaMachine_ wrote, attaching several rolling on the floor laughing emojis.

“i watched the whole thing & still don’t know what the hell i just watched,” @iamaqueerius quipped, while @teezusjames wondered, “I really wanna know how someone executed putting Steve Harvey’s Face on Megan’s body like that. With every reaction on point lmfao.” User @Tiffany_Sykes even confessed they has “watched Steve ‘Thee Stallion’ Harvey no less than 50 times.”

It turns out that the mystery group behind @MysterGiraffe put together the hilarious clip, and this isn’t their first trip to the rodeo: they previously went viral for editing Will Smith‘s face on a Cardi B interview, as well as placing Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson‘s mug on Mariah Carey‘s over a snippet of her “Heartbreaker” video. “The things you find in quarantine. @IAmSteveHarvey we always knew you was a #BigOlFreak,” the @MysterGiraffe account tweeted, also sharing the video in a second Instagram post. “Ahhh yes…the quarantine. Now we have some extra time to do things we love such as read books, but Meg @theestallion read a little too much of Think Like a Man’ by @iamsteveharveytv,” the other caption read. “Uncle Steve is still a freak though,” they also noted. The “Savage” rapper and Steve have yet to respond to the viral video, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for their reactions!