Kristen Stewart’s Hair Guru Adir Abergel Tells You How To Trim Your Hair At Home 

If you're desperate for a hair cut -- but still isolating, this is the tutorial you need. Kristen Stewart's hairstylist, Adir Abergel, teaches you how to trim your hair at home in an easy to follow video, EXCLUSIVELY on HL.

Adir Abergel is one of the most sought after hairstylists in Hollywood, with a client list that includes A-list stars like Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Garner. The creative director of Virtue took time out of his busy schedule to chat EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife and share his top tips for an at-home hair trim along with a step-by-step video tutorial.

Adir’s Top 5 Rules For An At Home Hair Trim  

1 Use proper hair shears. Do NOT use kitchen scissors.

2 Make sure you are wearing a color that contrasts with your hair. If you have dark hair wear a light shirt, and if you have light hair wear a dark shirt. This way you will be able to see the hair really well.

3 Do not cut your hair while looking down. You need to be staring straight ahead into the mirror with your chin level and center.

4 Avoid cutting the hair horizontally. Instead, use the scissors vertically and snip into the hair. Although this sounds counterintuitive, this will give you a much better results.

5 Always cut your hair dry and in the style that you wear it. So, if you have curly hair but you wear it straight then make sure it’s straight before you attempt to give yourself any sort of cut.

Adir’s Step-by-step Guide To Trimming Your Own Hair 

* You will need a comb and shears  as well as a few hair clips to trim your hair at home.
1 Separate your hair into three equal sections, one in the back, and one on each side.
3 Clip the back section up and focus on the two side sections first.
4 Split each side section in half, to create another section in the middle, in a V shape, and pin that section of hair back and out of your face.
5 Now grab one of the side sections, make sure the hair is laying smooth against your head and then twist it away from your face until only 1/2 inch or less of the ends remain un-twisted.
6 Take your shears, hold them perpendicular and cut upwards into your ends, taking the smallest snips. Make sure that you do not take off too much. You can always take more but you cannot get back what you took off.  This will clean up your hair, without taking too much length.
7 Do the same thing to the other side, again twisting the hair away from the face.
8 Next unpin the middle section, comb it out, making sure the hair is laying flat against your forehead and twist the hair until only 1/2 – 1 inch of the ends remain un-twisted.
9 Take a tiny bit of those ends off by clipping perpendicular up into the hair, the same way you did on each of the side sections.
10 If you have someone to help you that you trust to cut a straight line in the back section you can do that last. If you are solo Adir suggest leaving that section alone until you are able to see your hairdresser.
During this time of isolation Adir suggests focusing on getting your hair healthy and says it’s the perfect time to grow your hair out. “I  recommend everyone use a hair mask with a protein,” Adir told HL. “This is the time, women always come up to me and say they wish their hair was longer. I wish I was able to grow it out. This is the perfect time for you to grow out your hair. Perfection. So, if you can, why not get your hair healthy why not get it shiny. Why not get a beautiful, why not get it long, And then you can do anything you want with your hair once we’re with our hairdressers again.”
It’s also a great time to think about how you can help your hairstylist, since most of them have been out of work since the start of the pandemic. Adir pointed out to HL that one way to help would be to buy a gift certificate now, to be used once salons are open again. Or, you can donate to his fundraiser aimed at helping out of work hairdressers. “I teamed up with the CEO and my partners at Virtue Labs, and we created a Go Fund Me campaign to help hairstylists and salon employees in the Virtue Community who have been impacted.” Adir told HL. “It’s been incredible so far. Jennifer Garner has put money towards it and a lot of my other clients have as well and we’ve raised almost $25,000.  What people don’t realize is that most hair stylists, I think almost 70% of them, really only have about a week of savings.”

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