Doja Cat Teams Up With Nicki Minaj To Squash Rumored Beef With Fire ‘Say So’ Remix

Release a remix that ends any talk of a rumored feud? If you 'Say So' -- and that's what Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj just did.

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Amid this time of love and coronavirus, there’s really no need for rappers to feud. After all, there will be plenty of time for hip-hop heavyweights to clash with their rivals after the quarantine is lifted. In the meantime, Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj have united to not only squash any talk of beef, but to give fans another epic track to leave them dancing in their homes. Two of the hottest in the game came together for the “Say So” remix on May 1, and it’s amazing.

So ends the so-called-feud between these two. This supposed rivalry, documented thoroughly by Billboard, actually started when Doja professed her love of Nicki to the publication. She revealed that her fans expected her to join Nicki on “Like That,” a song on Doja’s Hot Pink album. “People thought the surprise feature was going to be Nicki, because I blurred the name out at first — and, well, the album is titled Hot Pink. Also, I’m just a huge fan of Nicki. I blurred out the name, but it wasn’t necessarily to create a sense of anticipation specifically around the feature.”

At the start of the year, Doja spoke out against people comparing her to Nicki. “I try to be careful so that I can give people the most original content because I know how much I sound like other people sometimes,” she said in a quote that was more out of respect than shade. So far, neither has done anything to incite a feud. Things wouldn’t really get shady until mid-April. #DojaCatIsOverParty started after one Twitter user shared an illustrated mock-up of a Rolling Stone cover featuring Nicki with Doja and Megan Thee Stallion by her side. When one Doja fan said that she should be in the center spot, the Barbz bit back. This would have remained another unreported incident of “toxic fandom,” except Doja made the mistake of jumping into the fray.

“Stop responding to them. They’re twitter gangsters, and they have nothing kind to say about you or anyone. they live and breathe being f-ckin immature,” tweeted Doja. “They’re literally scum. They mean nothing. Don’t explain yourself.” Thus, #DojaCatIsOverParty began to trend. A week later, Doja talked with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, telling him that she was “standing up for this guy, and then I’m just getting upset with everybody. And then I said, ‘These people are idiots. They’re children, they’re scum.’ Because they were, those five people are scum. They suck. They literally suck.”

“They don’t even know who they are. … They start spinning it that I’m talking about every single person who likes Nicki Minaj when they don’t even know I’m the biggest Nicki Minaj fan. They don’t even know me. So they’re saying things that they have no idea what they’re talking about. But that’s basically how that panned out.” A week after that interview, Doja buried the feud by announcing Nicki was on the remix of “Say So.” And that’s the world we live in.