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Wendy Williams Teases New Love ‘Interest’ & Admits She Can’t Wait To Date After Quarantine

Wendy Williams teased a new man in her life on her April 27 show! The talk show host, who finalized her divorce from Kevin Hunter Sr. in Jan., said that she has a 'particular interest' with the 'same situation' as her.

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Wendy Williams
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Wendy Williams is eager to get date when it’s safe to step out and mingle again. The talk show host, 55, discussed her own love life — a major “Hot Topic” since she filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter Sr. in April 2019 — on her Monday morning virtual show. Wendy admitted that men have contacted her to go out on dates amid quarantine, but she’s not risking contracting COVID-19. Nonetheless, there seems to be one special man in her life!

“But, there is this particular interest that I do have. He’s also got the same same situation,” Wendy said during her @ Home show, alluding that her mystery man may be a divorcee. “He gives good gifts, he comes with his car and driver. We eat the same food, we like the same music, he’s age-appropriate and the whole bit.” she added. Therefore, Wendy’s “particular interest” must love condiments like hot sauce and syrup, and the occasional seasoned lobster tail.

Earlier in the show, Wendy recalled getting a recent phone call from a different suitor, who she turned down. “I want to date. This man called me for a date over the weekend. No lie, he was like, ‘I’m in your neighborhood, I’m on my way to your house, I’m with my driver. I have a nice present for you, I know you’ll love it. We’ll go out for crab, good steak and a cigar.’ Once in a while, I like a cigar, it makes me feel bossy,” she explained. “I texted him back and I’m like, ‘No, I’m happily quarantining, bye!’ The idea that he had this idea during this heavy quarantine, makes me not even want to go out with him after quarantine. So, he’s off the list.”

Wendy filed for divorce from Hunter Sr. in April 2019, when news broke that he fathered a child with his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson. The host moved out of the New Jersey home she once shared with the former Wendy Show producer (he was let go from the show at the time), and their son Kevin Hunter Jr., 19. Now, Wendy lives in an apartment in New York City, which she calls her “bachelorette pad.”

Wendy officially closed the door on her 22-year marriage on January 22, when the couple’s divorce was finalized in New Jersey. HollywoodLife obtained official court documents.