‘9-1-1’s Ryan Guzman Reveals Abby’s Return Will Make Eddie Worried About His ‘Wingman’ Buck

Buck is in for quite the shock when Abby returns in '9-1-1' season 3. HL spoke with Ryan Guzman about what Eddie is going to think of Abby and how this return will impact Buck.

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Buck will be getting a blast from the past in 9-1-1 season 3 when his ex Abby returns. Abby, played by Connie Britton, left for Ireland and her relationship with Buck eventually fell apart. When Abby comes back into the picture, this means she’ll be crossing paths with Eddie, who wasn’t around when Abby was working in Los Angeles. HollywoodLife talked with Ryan Guzman about Abby’s big return.

“Eddie doesn’t know anything about Abby as far as what had happened and firsthand perspective, but he has heard a lot through Buck and he has heard a lot through the other family members of the 118,” Ryan told HollywoodLife. “So when Abby ends up showing up, I think there’s a level of… Oh, sh*t. Do I need to help Buck out? What is he going through? I think at that point in time he’s really just thinking about Buck. I know we’ve got a lot of things to do as far as firefighters, but I can’t save these lives without my wingman there, so if he’s emotionally corrupted, then where are we at?”

As for Eddie’s romantic life, it will remain complicated. While it seems like a romance could be brewing between Eddie and Christopher’s teacher, it’s not so simple.

“I think it’ll be very interesting to see where he decides to go with this,” he admitted. “I wouldn’t say she’s a new love interest because I think we’re on the peak of trying to understand where Eddie is at romantically. But with the teacher being there and him having these kinds of flirtatious moments, who knows if he’s really able to open up to this person and really give her everything that she needs in a relationship if they were ever to start one. Or anybody, to be honest. Eddie’s a very closed off person, and he doesn’t handle trauma correctly. He just kind of buries it with work. We saw that when Shannon passed away, and Eddie had to talk to Cap about all these unresolved feelings and these emotions that he’s still going through. It’ll be very interesting to see how what tough individual has to come into Eddie’s life to straighten him out and show him that you can still be loved and you can feel love.” 9-1-1 season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.