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‘RHOBH’ Cast: The Truth About Why They Aren’t Talking To Denise Richards Revealed

The 'RHOBH' ladies 'don't care' about the rumors flying about Denise Richards' & Brandi Glanville's alleged hook-up, but are more upset about what Denise said behind their backs!

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Image Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo

The drama is already at an all-time right on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — particularly when it comes to tension with cast member Denise Richards, 49! The blonde has been at the center of headlines for months, but it turns out that the Brandi Glanville rumors have nothing to do with why the rest of the cast isn’t talking to her. “The real reason they’re upset over the things Denise Richards said behind their backs about them as individuals to Brandi and that’s why they’re actually not speaking. They feel Denise didn’t own what she said,” an insider spills to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The RHOBH ladies don’t really care all that much about the Denise and Brandi affair and if it happened or not,” the source also confirmed.

The season opened up with a bang, revealing that Denise “stopped filming” with the group in Dec. 2019, along with the show breaking the fourth wall for the first time ever to address what was going on. As for Denise, another insider says that she feels like has “owned” everything she’s said about her Bravo cast mates. “Denise feels she owns everything she has said about the ladies,” a second source revealed. “But, she is also aware of some of the things they have said about her and assumes there’s also a lot she doesn’t know,” they also dished.

Aside from the drama surrounding the Denise and Brandi rumors — which allegedly lead Denise to send the Drinking & Tweeting author a cease and desist letter — the RHOBH ladies also have issues with Denise’s husband Aaron Phypers. “Another big reason for the demise of so many friendships is the way that Aaron inserted himself into the fighting between the ladies and the drama,” our first insider said. Aaron has been featured on the show heavily since Denise joined, and their romantic 2018 wedding even made it into an episode last season. The Q360 Club founder was also on the season opener, as Denise could be seen dragging him away and telling him not “to say a f—— word” as they were on camera.

“Denise brought Aaron several times to things but that’s because he was supposed to be there along with the other husbands,” the source added. “The ladies didn’t like the way he reacted when they all fought, but he really was just protecting Denise. The ladies just felt he took it a little too far, but things were just heated all the way around,” they also told us.