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‘RHOA’: Kandi Burruss Teases Her ‘Aggressive’ Face-Off With NeNe Leakes At The Reunion

Get ready folks, because the first ever 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' virtual reunion is going to be off the chain according to Kandi Burruss.

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Digital shade will be thrown. Kandi Burruss, 44, chatted with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about what fans can expect from the RHOA virtual reunion that was taped on Thursday, April 23. “Obviously it was totally different than any other reunion that we already had,” the mother-of-three revealed. “I was scared because we talk over each other obviously when we’re arguing. I’m like, ‘How are we going to do that?’ But the way they have it set up, they can isolate everybody and still have it be quality which is what I care about. As far as how the girls dealt with it, I thought everybody was going to be weird about arguing face to face. But they didn’t have no problem! It was worse than it would’ve been had we been sitting right next to each other.”

Kandi then dove into the tone of their digital get-together, which wasn’t exactly the most pleasant. “Well, for me, it was aggressive. I would say aggressive because I mean the arguments were going so crazy sometimes that Andy (Cohen) is trying to get us to stop and he can’t because we’re not in the room with him,” she said. “So nobody can stop us from talking or saying what we need to say, so people are just going for roadkill when they say what it is they need to say until finally some of us had to be muted! It was like a timeout. They put you in timeout for a second. They bring you back and turn your mic back on, calm down and give it, let somebody say something or let him talk at least.”

One person she definitely got into it with his OG housewife NeNe Leakes, 52, as the two have been exchanging some pretty shady words with one another on social media lately. “Girl, she’s probably not going to talk to me for a minute!”, the Grammy winner laughed after the reunion concluded. “She’s probably not going to be talking to me or anybody else for awhile.” The two women have had a very on again, off again kind of friendship ever since Kandi joined the series many moons ago.

Is there, however, still hope that these two can find the right balance in their frenemy type of relationship? “If you are a real fan of our show, you would know that pretty much from the time I came on the show in season 2 all the way up until when I was pregnant with Ace, NeNe and I pretty much argued or had some type of tension every year up until that point,” she said. “When I was pregnant with Ace, she and I made a little vow to be more respectful to each other and not be so negative toward each other.”

Kandi continued, “Well, needless to say, we have reverted back to the way we were prior to our oath and going into the next season, I would probably have to say for me — I don’t know how she’s feeling, but for me, I feel like I will reciprocate the energy that she gives me. So if she’s gonna come in with BS, she’s gonna get BS. If she wants to be pleasant, then I will be pleasant.”