Diddy Teases An Instagram Live Battle With Dr. Dre & Fans Lose Their Minds: ‘East Vs. West’

Diddy joined Fat Joe for an Instagram Live chat on Apr. 24 and said things have been moving forward for a potential 'Verzuz' rap battle to happen between him and Dr. Dre and admitted they've 'been talking about it.'

Diddy, Dr. Dre
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Could fans be seeing Diddy, 50, and Dr. Dre, 55, go at it on Swizz Beatz and Timbaland‘s new Verzuz rap battle series? Diddy gave a clear indication that it’s very possible and maybe even likely when he joined fellow rapper Fat Joe, 49, for an Instagram Live on Apr. 24. “We’re definitely talking about it,” the “Mo Money Mo Problems” creator revealed after Joe asked him if a battle was going to happen between him and Dre. “You heard it here. You heard it here on the show.” Joe didn’t hide his excitement over the tease and Diddy couldn’t help but jokingly compare him to Oprah Winfrey because of the details he just spilled. “Joe-prah! Breaking news, Joe-prah!” he hilariously yelled to Joe.

Once Diddy admitted the good news, fans were quick to comment with their thoughts on the possible upcoming battle and many of them were freaking out, but in a good way. “The east coast vs west coast,” one fan wrote referring to the fact that Diddy is from New York and Dre is from California. “Now this gonna be good!!!!” another wrote while others pointed out who they think would win. “Dr. Dre all the way,” one follower shared while another commented that “East coast rap was better back then 💯 I’m with Diddy…”

Although there’s no official confirmation of a rap battle between Diddy and Dre just yet, it’s definitely something to look out for and sure to attract many viewers! Teddy Riley and Babyface took part in a Verzuz battle and had over 500,000 viewers and a record of 4 million people who tuned in to watch so Diddy and Dre are sure to be no different! However, Swizz and Timbaland explained that if the battle between the two iconic rappers does go down, they may charge viewers to watch, but they also insisted that if that were to happen, all the money made would go to charity.

We’re looking forward to seeing what happens between Diddy and Dre in the upcoming days and/or weeks. Until then, we’ll be on the lookout to get more updates!

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