Why Dog The Bounty Hunter Won’t Marry Francie Frane, Despite Wanting To Be With Her ‘Forever’

Duane "Dog" Chapman and his new girlfriend, Francie Frane are getting along so well while quarantining together in Colorado. Dog is so happy that he knows he'll be with Francie for the rest of his life. But, here's why he won't remarry.

Dog The Bounty Hunter
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Duane Dog The Bounty Hunter Chapman‘s family hasn’t seen him this happy in a very long time. The reality star, 67, found love again with 51-year-old Colorado native, Francie Frane, after the tragic loss of his wife Beth Chapman to throat cancer in June 2019. The new romance became public at the end of March when his daughter, Lyssa Chapman expressed her approval on Twitter.

“Dog is quarantining with Francie in Colorado and they’re getting along so well right now. Everyone in the family is on board with the relationship that is brewing,” a source close to Dog tells HollywoodLife, exclusively. “Right now, it’s the honeymoon phase of the relationship for them. But, saying that, don’t plan on any engagements or marriages anytime soon,” the insider says, revealing, “He promised Beth he would never remarry, but he does plan to be with Francie forever — that’s how good things are going.”

The source went on to explain how important it is to Dog that his family approves of his new girlfriend. “Francie gives him a new lease on life and the fact that his family approves is the key to it all. So much stress has been lifted off of Dog’s shoulders because of the fact that everyone is really receiving this new relationship well.”

Francie’s influence has even motivated Dog to live a healthier lifestyle. “Dog has been in such a better mood as of late, and he’s also taking care of himself better. Francie is looking out for him as well,” the source explains. “He plans to stay healthy so he can be around for a long time, so they can both continue to enjoy each other’s company, and see what the relationship will bring.”

Dog doesn’t have his whole life mapped out. Right now, he’s just enjoying his time with Francie.

“There is zero disrespect to Beth and she will be forever loved, but Dog is really enjoying the little things and the connection he’s making with Francie — because he was completely gutted with the loss of Beth,” the source adds.

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