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‘GUHH’s Pepa Admits Egypt Being With Sam Puts Her ‘At Ease’: He’s A ‘Beautiful Human’

The drama surrounding Egypt Criss and Sammattick's relationship takes center stage this season on 'Growing Up Hip Hop.' HL spoke with Egypt's mom Pepa about why she approves of Sam and why he puts her 'at ease.'

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Egypt Criss and Sammattick’s relationship has been a roller coaster, especially with family and friends constantly weighing in about it. Through it all, the couple has remained solid and are well on their way to getting married. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Sandra “Pepa” Denton and Egypt about the Sam situation ahead of Growing Up Hip Hop’s return on April 23. Pepa has been supportive of Egypt and Sam’s relationship and she knows first-hand how great of a guy Sam has been for her daughter.

“My mom always says, ‘See me and live with me is two different things.’ Why I fight so hard is because I actually do live with them,” Pepa told HollywoodLife. “I live with Egypt and Sam at this point. It’s been three years now. The fight is because people have been insulting my parenting skills. I am a grown woman. I’ve been through a lot. I’ve seen a lot. It’s all about instilling values and instilling things into my child that I went through. I can see it, smell it, understand it when somebody’s being funny. I’ve watched it and, so far, Sam has not bumped his head at all. I pray to God it never happens. Relationships go through their little back and forth. Sam is guilty of his mouth. That’s all. He’s feisty with it. Other than that, he has beautiful character. He is a beautiful human, very driven, and a great dad. He cooks for me every day.”

Egypt added, “He literally wakes up before I do and makes her breakfast, and then I’m waking up and he’s bringing me breakfast. He says, ‘Now go hang out with your mom and watch some of your shows together.’”

Pepa’s niece Tee Tee has caused quite a stir over not trusting Sam. Pepa admitted that she’s so relieved that her daughter has someone like Sam by her side. “He ain’t getting out there making it rain at the clubs and all of that whipping around and cars and all of that,” Pepa said. “He’s home with her and his son. For a mother, that’s a beautiful thing to be at ease with, especially for me who travels on the road still touring. My daughter is 21 and to have someone home with her so I don’t have to drag her all over the world with me as I would have done, there’s a comfort in having someone there who can hold it down.” Egypt gushed that she “can’t think of a better partner especially in these times to be around with.” Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.