‘KUWTK’ Preview: Khloe Contemplates Using Tristan As A Sperm Donor After Freezing Her Eggs

Khloe Kardashian has just the man in mind to fertilize her frozen eggs... she thinks. She reveals to Kendall and Kourtney on the next 'KUWTK' that she's considering ex Tristan Thompson for the job!

She’s already frozen her eggs. Now, Khloe Kardashian just needs to find the perfect sperm donor. Khloe revealed to sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in a sneak peek at the next Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she has someone in mind: her ex, Tristan Thompson! Kourtney and Kendall are understandably shocked that Khloe’s contemplating having another child with her ex-boyfriend, but Khloe’s reasoning is sound. By asking for Tristan’s sperm, she’s not actually signing up to create a sibling for their two-year-old daughter, True Thompson. It’s more complex than that. She explained it this way to her sisters: the doctor was able to extract 14 to 16 of her eggs, and freeze “the best ones.” But, “mixing” the eggs with sperm to create embryos would give her a better picture of the future fetus’ health.

“They can tell if one of the eggs is bad somehow, but you can’t tell any chromosome abnormalities [until there’s sperm mixed with it],” Khloe told Kourtney and Kendall as they lounged around the house. “The bonus of doing embryos [instead of just eggs] is that you get to see your stronger embryos, which are healthy — you get to know all that by mixing with sperm. Which, I do have a sperm donor, but…” Kendall excitedly interjected here and asked Khloe to see a picture of the lucky guy; she thought she found someone at a sperm bank. “It’s Tristan!” Khloe said, laughing. She revealed in a talking head that she’s already spoken to Tristan about her thoughts! “After my doctor’s appointment, I talked to Tristan, because if you can create the embryos and do all the DNA testing, I do think that’s the smarter choice. But it’s weird, because Tristan and I are not together. I don’t know which way to go.”

It’s certainly a wild situation for Khloe, considering their massive, blowout breakup in February 2019. Since then, their relationship as co-parents has healed for True’s sake. They’re pretty cool with each other! Khloe and Tristan even celebrated their daughter’s second birthday together at her home, and they’ve been seeing each other plenty during quarantine. Still, Tristan is Khloe’s ex. Despite her feelings about creating embryos, she’s definitely still hesitant. “He has to sign legal paperwork that he would just be my sperm donor. But you never know; what if I get married in three years, and I’m like, ‘you know, I don’t want that.’”

We do know that Tristan’s all about making more babies after what he said on the April 16 episode of KUWTK. While FaceTiming Khloe from Cleveland, she tells him that he can toss one of True’s toys, because it’s “for infants.” Tristan immediately shot back, “What happens if we have another girl?”

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