‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Stassi Feuds With Beau Over His Friendship With Kristen

Stassi Schroeder gave her boyfriend, Beau Clark, an ultimatum during the April 21 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules' -- he needed to choose between her or his friend, Kristen Doute.

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Beau Clark found himself in hot water during the April 21 episode of Vanderpump Rules, when Stassi Schroeder caught him having a conversation with her current nemesis, Kristen Doute. Obviously, Stassi and Kristen were once best friends, but they recently had a falling out and haven’t spoken in quite some time. Interestingly, Kristen was friends with Beau first, and she actually introduced Beau to Stassi, so things have gotten pretty awkward since Stassi shafted Kristen. Especially since Stassi and Katie Maloney are still in business with Kristen for their Witches Of Weho wine.

And it was actually at an event to promote the wine, where Stassi saw Beau having a conversation with Kristen. Kristen had said that it was weird to be at an event with a bunch of people who don’t want to be friends with her anymore. However, Beau reassured her that he was still her friend — even if he had to refrain from doing certain things like hug her due to Stassi’s disdain for Kristen. And that’s when Kristen started flipping out and accusing Beau of letting Stassi control him. He said that wasn’t the case, but she reminded him that she introduced him to Stassi and they — Kristen and Beau — were friends long before he even met his future wife.

The conversation got tense very quickly, and Stassi took notice, so she approached her boyfriend and asked if there was a problem. Kristen said she was talking to her friend (Beau), but Stassi corrected her and said he was her boyfriend, so she better back off. To some, it may seem odd that Stassi would even care who Beau’s friends with, but Kristen slept with Jax twice while he was dating Stassi, so she has a right to get territorial when it comes to Kristen interacting with her boyfriends.

Anyway, Kristen stormed off when she felt Stassi’s behavior was becoming too “inappropriate” for their event, but the fight didn’t stop there. Stassi quickly directed her attention at Beau and wondered why he couldn’t resist Kristen. When he tried explaining to Stassi that Kristen is his friend, and one day she might regret not including Kristen in major life events, Stassi bugged out. She even gave him an ultimatum and made Beau choose between her and Kristen. But he didn’t give her an answer, so Stassi left the event with her pride in tow.

What Stassi wasn’t aware of, though, was that Beau was planning to propose the very next day. And he — thanks to advice from Lisa Vanderpump — was trying to invite Kristen to the after-party. That way, if Stassi and Kristen ever do repair their friendship, Stassi won’t regret not having Kristen at such events — one that you can never redo (unless you’re Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney).

In other Vanderpump Rules news, James Kennedy told Lala Kent that he’s loving sobriety, and she later told Ariana that he looked great. Meanwhile, Scheana ambushed Dayna with a psychic reading to reconnect with her dead mom, and Dayna freaked out. So much so, in fact, that Scheana broke down in tears before running outside to tell the psychic that she wouldn’t be needed. And when Dayna found out that Scheana not only planned this without asking her, but brought the woman to her apartment building without knowing whether she’d be happy about it or not, she bugged out even more. And as per usual, Scheana played the victim. She also chastised both Brett and Max for not reaching out to her after he egg retrieval surgery. In other words, she expected boyfriend-type behavior from two men who barely want to be her friend.

Want more drama? New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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