‘The Flash’s Natalie Dreyfuss Teases Sue’s ‘Motives’ & More: Ralph Is A ‘Huge Part’ Of Sue’s Future

Sue Dearborn made quite the entrance on 'The Flash.' HL talked EXCLUSIVELY with Natalie Dreyfuss about what Sue is up to next, Sue and Ralph's connection, and more.

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After a thrilling first introduction, Sue Dearborn will be back in the April 21 episode of The Flash. Sue and Ralph will be crossing paths once again in the episode. But Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) isn’t the only character Sue is about to meet. While investigating Carver with Cisco (Carlos Valdes), that’s when Ralph runs into Sue.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Natalie Dreyfuss about unraveling the character of Sue Dearborn and learning more about her motives. Ralph and Sue are “drawn” to each other and that will continue in the episodes ahead. Natalie discussed Sue and Ralph’s relationship in the DC Comics and how that may or may not play out on the show. Read our full Q&A below.

What is Sue up to when we find her next? 
Natalie Dreyfuss: Sue returns and you’re definitely going to find out more and more of her motives to what her overall goals are. I think the unraveling of that story is something that we get to follow along with Ralph. Who is this girl like? What is she actually doing? Because she’s definitely not just the mysterious debutante that originally we thought that she would be, so we get to see her making some strange moves here and it’s all going to sort of come out later in the season of what she actually up to.

Ralph and Sue had quite the memorable first interaction when we first met her. What can you say about their interaction in this episode?
Natalie Dreyfuss: I think it’s really interesting that Ralph is drawn to this person, but he doesn’t really understand why. She feels connected to him as well, but it’s confusing. They don’t really understand why they’re so connected at first, so it’s kind of fun to see her pop in and out of his life. He’s usually able to be the detective. He’s usually able to figure out a situation pretty quickly and clearly, and I think she’s just this giant mystery.

In the synopsis for the April 21 episode, it says that Ralph and Cisco are together when Ralph sees Sue again. So does this mean Sue is going to meet Cisco?
Natalie Dreyfuss: This is the first time that Sue meets Cisco. She gets to play with another character in the show, which was really fun. He’s great and so funny.

What does Sue think of Cisco?
Natalie Dreyfuss: I think that there was a fun chemistry between them actually. I think she recognizes that he’s witty and fun. He is definitely surprised based on the description of who Sue is, so I think he’s definitely shocked when he finally gets to meet her.

Sue and Rob are very big in the DC Comics. Were you aware of them and their relationship prior to taking this role?
Natalie Dreyfuss: This is all very new to me, learning this universe and all the intricacies of it. It’s just been a wild ride of researching and trying to really understand the love of the characters to be able to bring them to life.

Did you talk with Hartley about this relationship? Did you feel any pressure bringing this to life?
Natalie Dreyfuss: We definitely spoke about it. Hartley and I are old friends, so even during the audition process, we were able to talk about it a little bit. They definitely wanted to find the right Sue for Ralph because they have such a specific relationship in the comics and bringing that to life was really important to the creators. I think when they saw our friendship and how much we are able to play and mess with each other and tease each other, it really brings a lot of life to what was created in the comics. They wanted to do something obviously a bit different considering that Sue has the cat burglar suit and it’s a lot more than what it was originally supposed to be. They definitely just didn’t want her to be just Ralph’s wife. They want it to be a full-fledged character that you fall in with so that eventually it’s fun to see whether or not they’re going to end up together.

Natalie Dreyfuss
Natalie Dreyfuss in the April 21 episode of ‘The Flash.’ (The CW)

Do you like knowing the inevitability of the relationship between them?
Natalie Dreyfuss: Well, to be honest, we don’t know. They can go any direction with this. But we know that they are so drawn to each other, and that’s all I really want to play with when it comes to bringing her to life. Sue just seeing this person really shouldn’t mean anything to her because she’s got her own motives, but she’s so drawn to this person and connected to him. I don’t know where it’s going to go and neither does the character, which is really fun. But I know that he’s important to me and he’s important to my future. They could go anywhere with it. They’ve definitely been known to do that in the past, to take different spins on things. She’s so different from the comics that I really don’t know what is ahead. I know that Ralph is a huge part of my future, but I don’t know what that looks like yet.

Do you want to see them together? Or are you just keeping an open mind for now?
Natalie Dreyfuss: I definitely want to see them together. Even when we’re shooting and we do scenes together. they’re so fun. We find so many funny, light bits where we feel so connected. I root for them already, and they haven’t even begun any sort of romantic relationship. It’s fun to hope for them that it can develop eventually.