‘The Voice’ Recap: Blake Shelton Tells Nick Jonas [Spoiler] Is His ‘Chance To Win’ In Final Knockouts

More singers faced off during the final night of 'The Voice' knockouts on April 20. From shocking saves to frontrunners emerging, the live shows are going to be epic.

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The final knockouts mean The Voice coaches have to make their toughest decisions yet. There’s also an epic twist happening. The artists who were saved in the battles are competing in a 4-way knockout. The winner of this knockout will be determined by America’s vote. The first knockout of the night is between Team John Legend’s Thunderstorm Artis and Mandi Castillo.

Thunderstorm performs John’s own song “Preach,” while Mandi goes with a more modern version of “Stand By Me.” Kelly Clarkson raves that Thunderstorm has the “coolest tone” but Mandi “came to win a little bit more.” John noted the same thing about Thunderstorm’s tone and said Mandi’s performance was “just flawless. The winner of this knockout is Mandi Castillo. However, Nick Jonas steals Thunderstorm and says he feels like the “luckiest man.”

Next up is Team Nick’s Arei Moon and Jon Mullins. Arei slays her rendition of Alicia Keys’ hit “You Don’t Know My Name” and Jon wows with his performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” These two are pretty even when it comes to their performances. Nick has another tough choice to make. The winner of this knockout: Arei Moon.

Team Kelly’s Tayler Green and Micah Iverson face off next. Micah takes a risk with his unique performance of Halsey’s “Graveyard” while Tayley stuns with her powerful rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Blake Shelton tells Micah that his song choice didn’t allow him to “vocally soar.” John agrees with Blake and calls Tayler “mesmerizing.” The winner of this knockout is Micah Iverson. Kelly also keeps Mandi Thomas on her team after a knockout.

Team Nick’s Allegra Miles and Jacob Miller take the stage next. Jacob switches things up with his rendition of Post Malone’s “Better Now.” Allegra leaves the coaches speechless with her performance of Sia’s “Chandelier.” All the coaches praise Allegra and Jacob, but Blake tells Nick that “Allegra is your chance to win The Voice.” The winner of this knockout is Allegra Miles.

Team Blake’s Cedrice and Toneisha Harris go head-to-head with Rihanna songs. Cedrice slays her rendition of “Love on the Brain,” while Toneisha effortlessly takes on “Diamonds.” John declares that Toneisha has the “quality of someone who should be in the finale.” Nick agrees with John about Toneisha being finale-worthy. Kelly says that both contestants could be in the finale. They’re both that good. The winner of this knockout is Toneisha Harris. But Kelly comes in and steals Cedrice!

Now it’s time for the 4-way knockout between Nelson Cade III, Michael Williams, Todd Michael Hall, and Samantha Howell. After their performances, it’s down to America to decide who moves forward. The result of this first-ever 4-way knockout will be revealed during the first live show.

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