At Home With Derek Fisher & Gloria Govan: Which Show Ryan Seacrest Suggested To Binge

Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan are quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic but they're making the most of their time with binge-worthy hits thanks to their fellow A-list friends.

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Derek Fisher Gloria Govan at home quarantine binge
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Image Credit: Tomas Skaringa

LA Lakers champion Derek Fisher and his stunning fiancée Gloria Govan unfortunately had to call off their April wedding plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this power couple knows the importance of staying safe at home to help flatten the curve. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the loving couple, who are taking it one step further in doing their part for the community. After hearing from Gloria’s sister, a nurse, about “all the doctors and nurses who are working 12 hours around the clock and barely have time to eat,” Derek and Gloria, who own a chain of family owned restaurants, Gorditos told us, “We’re donating meals to the front line to help out as much as we can.”

When they’re not helping our healthcare workers fight those affected by COVID-19, Derek and Gloria are doing their best to pass the time while quarantined at home. Here’s how American Idol host Ryan Seacrest played a part in helping them choose a TV series to binge watch along with their kids, Tatum Fisher, Drew Fisher, and twin boys Isaiah and Carter Barnes.

HL: What are you binge watching during the quarantine?

Derek: “Binge watching YOU on Netflix and Fleabag on Hulu. And we’re going to start watching All American on Netflix with the kids.”

Gloria: “We actually don’t watch a lot of TV. We took recommendations from friends on what to watch. We have a really long list to catch up on. Ryan Seacrest recommended Fleabag and my girlfriends said YOU. I know the Tiger Man series is what everyone keeps talking about right now, but Derek and I probably won’t get to that for a few months lol.”

Derek Fisher Gloria Govan at home quarantine binge
Derek Fisher and his fiancée Gloria Govan are doing their best to pass the time while quarantined at home along with their kids Tatum Fisher, Drew Fisher, and twin boys Isaiah and Carter Barnes. (Photo credit: Tomas Skaringa)

HL: What are you doing to workout or stay fit at home?

Derek: “The kids normally play basketball outside or some sort of made up game in the house. Our walks can last at least an hour so they act like that’s so much exercise (SMH).”

Gloria: “We take daily walks with the dog about 3 miles a day, in addition I go for runs on my own and use the Fitonomy App and a few fitness gurus stay at home work out videos every day.”

HL: What are your at home quarantine essentials? What did you stock up on before?

Gloria: “Extra battery life for our computer and phone lol. A good book(s), right now I’m reading, The Four Agreements and Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. I love a good, suspenseful novel and I must have the physical book, I’m old school. I like to flip the pages and dog ear them. I’m not a good audio book or Kindle reader.”

HL: What’s on your Quarantine playlist?

Gloria: Pandora is my favorite, I listen to Pitbull radio when I’m working out, and Tony Toni Tone or something old school when I’m cooking or hanging out around the kids. Derek always has something newer on. The kids always love that, they never know whose singing when I play my music