Justin Bieber Surprises Fans At Virtual Concert & Sounds Amazing Singing ‘As Long As You Love Me’ Live

Thousands of unsuspecting fans logged on for the #BieberVirtualConcert got the surprise of a lifetime when Justin himself popped up to sing one of his biggest hits!

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Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber, 26, has so much love for his Beliebers! The Canadian pop star got wind of the viral #BieberVirtualConcert happening on the social live audio app MixIr and decided to join in on the action. Thousands of fans were logged in for the stream, and were shocked when Justin himself serenaded them with a special live performance. “As long as you love me/I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold/As long as you lo-lo-love me,” Justin crooned along to his Believe track that dropped way back in 2012. “And don’t cry,” he sang towards the end of the posted audio clip. His vocals were on point for the impromptu concert as he sang into what was likely just his iPhone or computer mic from his Ontario, Canada home.

The Changes singer was so moved by the experience — which trended worldwide and produced over 400,000 tweets — and took to social media to express his gratitude! “Sorry I’m late to the party. Thanks for the heads up @AlfredoFlores. You are all amazing. Thanks so much,” Justin tweeted, referencing his BFF and director Alfredo Flores, who got him to the stream. “As long as you la la la la love me…Just amazing. So grateful. Thank you so much. Love #mybeliebers,” Justin added, also telling his fans that “Everything is gonna be alright.” The love didn’t stop there, as Justin also went and liked various tweets from fans about the online event!

Fans were so appreciative of Alfredo — who directed several of JB’s videos, including “Love Me” — and took to Twitter to express their thanks! “He couldn’t miss his own show,” Alfredo responded back to a fan, adding “this morning was nostalgic af. 11 years ago this crazy journey started and changed everyone’s lives forever. a family for life. thank you to whoever thought of and started this. always remember #lifeisworthliving.” Responding to Justin’s tweet about the event being “amazing,” Alfredo wrote “a morning indeed. special af.”

Justin’s longtime manager Scooter Braun also caught wind of the concert, and posted “This is amazing.” Prior to the event, fans actively promoted the online event days in advance with the hopes of getting a group of Beliebers together all at the same time. “#BieberVirtualConcert is happening this Saturday! We are going to listen to Justin Bieber’s songs from My World to Changes including Unreleased songs! With love,” host @unaesthetyc wrote on his MixIr page.