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Chris Hemsworth Seemingly Shades Miley Cyrus After Her Split From Liam: ‘We Got Him Out Of Malibu’

Chris Hemsworth praised his brother Liam and his 'Australian living' during an interview to promote his new film 'Extraction' and one comment seemed to be indirectly aimed at Liam's ex Miley Cyrus.

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Chris Hemsworth, 36, is glad his younger brother Liam Hemsworth is “out of Malibu” and back in his home country of Australia! The actor shared his feelings about 30-year-old Liam’s new life post-divorce when he sat down for an interview with to promote his new Netflix film Extraction and cheekily made a comment that seemed to throw shade at his former sister-in-law Miley Cyrus, 27. He was talking about how fit Liam has become when he made the comment and talked about his impressive Men’s Health cover. “I think he’s done it,” he said about Liam being the “fitter” brother. “Did you see the Men’s Health cover? I thought, ‘Not bad kid. Not bad’. He’s out there training and staying fit, and back in Australia doing his thing. It’s Australian living, I guess. We got him out of Malibu!”

The Malibu sentence didn’t mention Miley, but one can’t help but wonder if it was aimed at the Hannah Montana star because of her 2017 song “Malibu” which was written about Liam and the fact that Liam and Miley lived in Malibu, CA before their divorce last summer.

As Chris said, it seems like Liam is out of Malibu for the long run, at least with the way things look right now. The hunk has a home on Philip Island, off the coast of Victoria, and construction’s just started on a block of land that both he and Chris own on Byron Bay.

In Liam’s cover issue of Men’s Health, which hits newsstands on Apr. 21, he talked a bit about his relationship and marriage with Miley and admitted it was “stressful”. “For a long period of time, it was very stressful, and it really got to me,” he told the magazine. “Constantly under a microscope.” He admitted he feels more “balanced” now that he’s away from that kind of spotlight and the false information that can come along with it. “These days, I don’t want to invest any more time in worrying about that sort of stuff,” he said. “I remind myself of what to appreciate now and to enjoy every moment as much as possible, whether that be working or with my family or whatever I’m doing. Just trying to find a positive in it all and enjoy life as much as possible.”