Toni Braxton, 52, Reveals Wedding Plans With Birdman & Whether They’ll Elope — Listen

Toni Braxton is dishing about her upcoming wedding plans with Birdman. While they are going back and forth on dates, she wants the ceremony to happen in 2020.

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Birdman and Toni Braxton
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Even though many weddings have been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Toni Braxton is still planning on becoming a bride in 2020. The 52-year-old singing superstar and rapper Birdman — real name Bryan Christopher Williams — don’t want a wedding that’s too big, but they also don’t want one that’s too small. So they’re trying figure out a ceremony that will be just right for their tastes.

Toni appeared on the Rick and Sasha morning radio show on Apr. 9 and revealed, “We have been going back and forth on wedding dates. We had a great date but then it was getting too big, we didn’t want a big wedding. Then we said, ‘OK, we don’t want it too small.’ Then he said, ”OK, let’s do the drive through.’ I’m like, ”We are not doing a drive through. I’m not ordering fries after we get married, babe.'” she added. “We’ve been trying to figure it out, but we are definitely gonna do it this year.”

The seven time Grammy winner and the 51-year-old rapper began dating in May 2016 and announced they were engaged in February 2018. Thus they’ve had plenty of time to think about what they want in a wedding, but they’re still going back and forth. Toni has been married once before, to musician Keri Lewis from 2001–2013. They share two sons, Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis, 18, and Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis, 17. Birdman has two children, son Bryan Williams Jr., 23, and daughter Bria Williams, 22. He’s extremely private and has kept their mother’s identity out of the public sphere.

Toni admitted to Rick and Sasha that she and Birdman are “a bit aloof. You don’t hardly ever see us together. When we were out, there were a lot of people saying things and I’m kind of sensitive. I can’t deny it and we just want to keep out own business private. And people can ask me questions, I’m fine with that. But people just have too much of an opinion I think socially, if you’re reading on stuff. And I didn’t like that. So we decided we were going to keep our lives quieter.” Hopefully they won’t keep the wedding too quiet, as Toni has so many fans who will want to see what she wears, where it goes down and all the other juicy details.