Pink Tears Up After Confirming Son Jameson, 3, Is Now ‘Without Fever’ After Having Coronavirus

Pink finally had happy news to share after she and her toddler fought against COVID-19! The singer called the traumatic experience 'the scariest, scariest thing' that has ever happened in her 'whole life.'

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Pink, Jameson Hart
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No more bad news! Pink, 40, happily reported that “this is a better week than the last previous ones” while discussing the health of her three-year-old son, Jameson Moon Hart, on the April 8 episode of the “At Home” version of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Jameson is now two days without a fever,” Pink revealed. Pink, who had also tested positive for the new coronavirus, delved into what exactly the toddler has been battling the past few weeks.

“It started with Jameson….Three-year-olds get sick all the time, but he started with a fever March 14th. We’ve been quarantined since March 11th,” Pink explained on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. “Started with a fever for him — and it would come and go —  and then he would have stomach pains, and diarrhea, and chest pains and then a headache. And then, a sore throat…Every day was some new symptom. And then his fever stayed, it didn’t go. And then it started going up and up and up and up. And at one point he was at a 103.”

At a lost, Ellen kept turning to her doctor, whose best advice was for Jameson to simply stay at home. “It was terrifying,” Pink admitted, but things took a turn for the worst — she also contracted the coronavirus. Pink guessed that her illness arrived on March 16. “I didn’t feel good, I was really tired. I kind of had the chills a little bit, I felt nauseous but I never had a fever. I never had what they tell you to look for,” the singer said. For the first time in 30 years, Pink — who has had “bad asthma” her whole life — even needed her Nebulizer Machine after not being able to breathe one night. “That’s when I started to get really scared,” she recalled.

Looking back on the experience all together, Pink said, “This is the scariest, scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my whole life.” Even though she and Jameson suddenly started to “get better,” Pink couldn’t help but tear up as she recalled the traumatic experience. She even clapped back at critics who judged her for getting tested! “Tell me anybody with a sick three-year-old that if they could get their hands on a test wouldn’t take it, and if they say that I’m calling bulls–t,” Pink said, although she did acknowledge that people should be “angry” over the lack of tests.

Pink revealed that she and her young son previously tested positive — and thankfully, eventually negative — for the coronavirus on April 3. However, Jameson’s symptoms didn’t entirely go away. “There were many nights when I’ve cried and I’ve never prayed more in my life. It’s funny, but at one point, I thought they promised us our kids would be okay. It’s not guaranteed. There is no one that is safe from this,” Pink said in an Instagram Live interview with author Jen Pastiloff the very next day. Fortunately, Pink’s husband Carey Hart, 44, and their daughter Willow Sage, 8, have not contracted the virus as well.