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‘Modern Family’ Finale Recap: Mitch & Cam Make A Life-Changing Decision & Alex Moves Overseas

'Modern Family' aired its final episode on April 8. All of the characters faced new adventures in the series finale as they made life-changing moves across the country and the world.

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Mitch and Cam’s baby boy has arrived and his name is Rexford. He’s named after their street. Just as Mitch and Cam move into their new house, Cam learns that he’s gotten the football coaching job in Missouri. This really weighs on Cam. He really wants to take this job but doesn’t want to disappoint Mitch. He tells Claire that he’s going to turn down the job and not even tell Mitch. But you know Cam — he just can’t keep his feelings contained. When he reveals the news, Mitch says he’s all-in. This is his chance to support Cam’s dream. Cam and Mitch are moving to Missouri!

Meanwhile, Phil and Claire tell their kids that one of them has to move out. Haley, Alex, and Luke don’t want to leave. Suddenly, everything changes for the Dunphy kids. Alex’s research team is being transferred to Switzerland. A romantic relationship begins to brew between Arvin and Alex. They’re even exchanging “saucy texts!”

Dylan and Haley also announce they’re moving out. They think it’s time for their little family to get their own place. Luke comes in and also reveals big news. He’s been accepted to the University of Oregon! Phil and Claire started out with all the kids in the house and now they’re all moving out.

As for Gloria, it’s time for her to go out in the world and take it by storm. Jay says he’s going to hold down the fort now. He’s also learning Spanish for Gloria so he’s prepared when they go to Colombia. Manny is heading out on his own year-long adventure.

Cam and Mitch stop by Phil and Claire’s to say their final goodbyes before they head out. There are a lot of emotions in the room. When Jay says that “both my sons are leaving,” everyone pretty much loses it. Mitch and Cam’s flight is delayed a number of times so they all get a little more time together. As the Dunphy kids pack up their things, Phil and Claire decide to take an RV trip across the country.

When it’s time to say their final final goodbyes, the tears just start falling. None of them know when they’ll all be together again. It’s so hard to say goodbye because “not everybody gets to have what we have,” as Jay says.