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‘Love Is Blind’s Lauren & Cameron Advise Singles Dating Virtually To ‘Ask Questions You Might Not Normally Ask’

Fan-favorite 'Love Is Blind' couple Lauren & Cameron are dishing on dating virtually to HollywoodLife.com!

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Lauren and Cameron
Image Credit: Courtesy of Stella Artois

Is right now, while in quarantine, a good time to date? Well, according to Love Is Blind fan-fave couple Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton, this might be the best time to date! Recall, the couple quickly fell in love after a few conversations without ever seeing each other on the Netflix show — something eerily similar to what the world of dating has become since the Coronavirus outbreak. “I think everyone needs to be taking the glass half full approach. In the sense that, look on the positive side of this, the physical part of the relationship can’t really come to fruition, so it’s a time to focus on asking people those questions that you may not normally ask,” Cameron said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, in partnership with Stella Artois. 

He continued, “Questions you can ask are like, ‘Well what do you need in your potential partner in order to have a longterm relationship?’ I know a lot of people stray away from these topics because they seem really serious. But I think it makes sense nowadays because you need to ask these questions to get to know someone at the very core.” Lauren added that she also wanted to advise singles that it is “perfectly fine to just focus on yourself right now.” “There’s so much going on in the world that it’s okay to just want to focus on you, and your mental health, and your family and just being sure that you’re good and healthy. So that’s okay, too,” she said.

The Love Is Blind couple also gave some tips on good conversation to have when virtually dating, similar to what they discussed in their pods! “Even when you’re asking those serious questions you want to keep it fun and maybe flirty too. You don’t want it to come off come off like an interview!” Cameron warned. “You want it to come off like you’re dating, you’re flirting. But you still want to ask those questions, if you’re interested in a long term partner.”

Lauren piggy backed off of Cameron, saying, “I feel like one of the benefits of dating this way is just really getting to the meat and bones of the situation. I feel like it’s so easy to get distracted by someone because of the physical aspect, how they look, and because of that you may be less willing to reveal yourself to them.  Just let things flow naturally just the sexual or physical place. It’s the best foundation for relationships, not only romantically, even friendships, too.”

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