‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki Reveals Her Exact At-Home Workout To Help You Get Your ‘Heart Pumping’

Snooki is helping us all get in shape while we're stuck at home as the 'Jersey Shore' star shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the workout she does to get in shape & get her body moving!

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Image Credit: Glamour Shots of Staten Island

While we’re all stuck at home during self-quarantine, what better way to get you motivated to workout than Snooki herself? The 32-year-old Jersey Shore star spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the workouts she does at home to keep her body toned and her “heart pumping.” For those of you who have kids, like Snooki, who has three adorable children, the star shared how you can manage your at-home workouts and kids at the same time. “I love doing plyometrics to get my heart pumping and build a sweat!” Snooki admitted. As for the exact exercises she does, you can follow her steps below.

1. “3 sets of 40 skater jumps [start from a racing skater position, jump from side to side, balancing your weight on one leg at a time, while the other leg is kicked out and fully extended]

2. 3 sets of 40 lunge jumps [a basic lunge but adding a jump instead out stepping into a lunge]

3. 4 sets of 10 burpees [stand up, squat, move your hands and get into a plank position, then jump straight up out of your plank into the air with your hands reaching up in the air and repeat]

4. 4 sets of planks – holding till failure (with the kids on my back)

5. Abs – bicycles and plank jacks [while holding a steady plank, kick your legs out to the side and move them back to the center without moving your core] till failure”

As for other exercises Snooki does, “A bunch of things to get my body moving! Simple things like running around outside with the kids, walking the baby, etc. When it’s time to really build a sweat and work on building muscle, I do virtual workouts with my trainer, Anthony Michael. I also do the Peloton for cardio and ab work.”

Working out isn’t just about hardcore exercise and while working from home it’s important to get up and get your body moving. “I love doing random cartwheels and walking handstands and stretch my body out (cheer mentality always),” Snooki revealed about her in-between work breaks. Speaking of her “cheer mentality,” it’s no secret that Snooki was a cheerleader and a gymnast, which has actually helped her with her workouts. “It has always helped me out with muscle memory,” Snooki revealed. “Even when I took a huge break from working out and the gym, it didn’t take long for my body to get back into workout mode. Flexibility too!”

Snooki shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the workouts she does at home to keep her body toned. (Glamour Shots of Staten Island)

If you need some motivation to complete Snooki’s workout or any exercise, she suggested, “I keep saying this is the perfect time to force yourself to work out. I know how hard it is to start. The perfect time is now since we have nothing to do. Go for that first run outside. Those first set of push-ups. The first set of planks and abs. Once your body starts to move, you’ll want to keep going.”

While staying fit has a lot to do with working out, maintaining a healthy diet is just as important and Snooki revealed what a nutritious diet looks like to her. “I drink a ton of water. I love eating carrots and hummus for snacks! I love munching on cucumbers for snacks! I usually eat a lot of chicken and stead with a salad. I try to stay away from carbs, especially now while I’m trying to lose the rest of my baby weight!”

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