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At Home With Dr. Oz: His Top 5 Tips To Stay Sane While Isolating & How He’s Doing It

As the social distancing guidelines in the US were extended, Dr. Oz shares his tips with HL on how to avoid cabin fever & stay sane while in isolation!

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Dr. Oz
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Donald Trump‘s 15-day social distancing guidelines to stop the spread of Coronavirus were extended 30 days, sending many people into a frenzy of how to fill their days at home. Dr. Mehmet Oz, who sits on Trump’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview about how Americans can stay sane and active while remaining indoors. “This is your one chance. You’ll probably never have this much time to yourself to do anything again in your life,” he told HL. “So double down, zero in on what really matters to you and just go after it. Improve yourself.”

What are you binge watching during the quarantine? Probably Arrested Development more than anything else. When you’re living with your family, that show comes in handy. The thing about Arrested Development, is that with all the pathology and all the craziness that’s going on, you realize it’s always family first. So you make peace with whatever’s going on in your family, Arrested Development.

What are your at home quarantine essentials? What did you stock up on before? Stocked up on beans. We stocked up on greens because they’re so good for you and those you have to get the especially fresh, but they’ll last for a couple of days in the fridge and we stocked up on dark chocolate, 70% cocoa. Oh by the way, the most important, they are stocked upon, nuts, because they last forever and they taste so good.

What’s on your Quarantine playlist? My quarantine playlist has a lot of Bruce Springsteen. I don’t know why, but his soulful ballad approach to tell the stories is really resonating with me because I think when we look back on this time it’ll just be one long tale.

What are you doing to workout and stay fit at home? All I need is a yoga mat and I’ve been doing it pretty religiously. I just need a small space in the corner of my room. I like to put the mat on top of a firm rug and then I turn on yoga tapes. There are lots of free ones that are available. And I do my little 45 minutes and at the end of course being the corpse pose, which is the most important one because you can meditate and zone out.

What are you recommendations right now for all Americans to do? Top three recommendations, find order in your life, building some physical fitness every single day and find some meditative outlet. It could be yoga, a quick stroll if you’re allowed to go outside, something that allows you to just be peaceful. If nothing else, just sit on the toilet, put the lid down, you’re not going to go to the bathroom. Just get five minutes to yourself of peace and quiet.

How can Americans avoid cabin fever while in quarantine? Most people have had a belief that they could be better than they are. Just a hobby they could pick up, an instrument they can learn, a language they could get comfortable with, and do it.