Donald Trump Boasts About His ‘Hair Blowing’ In The Middle Of News Conference: ‘It’s Mine’ — Watch

President Donald Trump cracked a joke about his hair blowing in the wind in the middle of giving a news conference about the growing coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump, 73, boasted about his hair when the locks began blowing in strong Washington D.C. winds during his live news conference about the rapidly growing outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the White House’s Rose Garden on Mar. 30. The Commander-in-Chief, who has been accused of wearing hair pieces in the past, made sure to make a joke that confirmed the hair is real when the viral moment happened. “My hair’s blowing around and it’s mine,” he said in the middle of the conference after noticing a box blew away in front of him.

The comment was said when Trump was discussing the current coronavirus situation in the United States, where 161,358 people have become infected, including 2,974 that have died, and letting the country know the government’s plans to try and stop the spread as much as possible. He was praising the new ‘lightning fast’ FDA-approved 5 minute coronavirus test when the wind pressure increased. He also discussed how companies are working to stop the shortage of hospital medical equipment by developing life-saving pieces such as respirators and sterilizing protective masks so they can be reused up to 20 times.

In addition to the testing and development plans for medical equipment, Trump spoke about how it’s crucial for Americans to extend their quarantine times, which started a few weeks ago, to at least Apr. 30 to help flatten the curve of the growing number of coronavirus infections, including in New York, where 1,200 deaths have been reported with 253 happening in one day alone. “Challenging times are ahead for the next 30 days,” he told the American people tuning in and reporters outside the White House. He also said the coronavirus task force, including infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, helped him make the decision to extend quarantine and “social distancing” times because as many as another 2 million Americans could die from the virus if he didn’t.

The coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China in Dec. 2019, has been taking a hit on the U.S.’s economy with millions of Americans out of work after stay at home orders in various states have been forcing the closure of many non-essential businesses.

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