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‘RHONJ’s Dolores Catania On Whether She’ll Set Up BFF Teresa Giudice On Dates Following Her Split

Dolores Catania has opened up on the upcoming season of 'RHONJ' and who she wants her BFF Teresa Giudice to date after splitting with her husband Joe Giudice.

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Dolores Catania has revealed who she wants her Real Housewives of New Jersey BFF Teresa Giudice to date. The reality star opened up on whether she was planning to set her pal up on dates following her split from hubby Joe Giudice, in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife. “I wouldn’t,” she told us. When asked why not, revealed it was because she was “old school”. “People [get] so pissed off at me, stop saying old school, blah blah blah. But I am going to f*****g say it, because I know them as a married couple and I don’t think Teresa needs my help to do that. Her children may not be ready for it. It’s not something I would get involved in. That’s just not me,” she said in a new interview on our HollywoodLife Podcast.

Dolores went on to say it came from a place of loyalty to Teresa and her family. “I’m not against her. I wish for her to move on, I wish for her to find the best guy in the world and all that,” she said. The 49-year-old then revealed she’d love to see Teresa date a Jewish man. “I dated Jewish men, and I prefer them. If I was dating a non-Jewish guy and I said that, they would probably be upset. David could care less,” she laughed. “I like the way Jewish men are. David acts like a Jewish man, but they’re very just more gentle, and very doting, and not so rough around the edges like the Italian guys [although] there’s very, very sweet Italian men,..I wish her to find a good man.”

The RHONJ star also admitted that she gets anxious when it comes to a new season of the Bravo reality show airing, and it’s for a number of reasons when it comes to the upcoming season 10. “I’m nervous to watch every season play out. Because you have to understand, that we don’t really know…When you’re in the moment and you walk away, you don’t remember a lot of it. So to relive something like what happened to Margaret. It’s like, ‘Oh my God,’” she said. Dolores is referring to co-star Margaret Josephs, 52, having her pony tail violently pulled on by another cast member during a fight as seen in the season’s promo trailer.

dolores teresa
Dolores Catania Opens Up On Whether She’ll Set BFF Teresa Guidice On Dates. Image: Shutterstock

This season Dolores’ boyfriend Dr. David Principe will be appearing on the Bravo show. “Or my boyfriend now, is filming. Everyone’s asking for David. Well now you have David. Now, you’re going to have opinions about David. And you girls, you younger girls, are going to be like, ‘Oh no’ I don’t know what you’re going to think. I don’t know,” she continues. We can’t wait to watch the upcoming season!