‘RHONJ’: Margaret Josephs Says She Suffered ‘Whiplash’ After Cast Member Pulled Her Hair 

Season 10 of 'RHONJ' can't come soon enough! In a new interview with HollywoodLife, Margaret Josephs revealed that she was the victim of a vicious 'hair-pulling attack' by a costar this season. And, Dolores Catania almost jumped in!

Margaret Josephs for 'RHONJ'
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Things get physical this coming season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Margaret Josephs told HollywoodLife that she suffered whiplash after she was attacked from behind by a costar who pulled her blonde ponytail during an argument while filming. Fans already caught a glimpse of the hair-pulling in the official trailer for the show’s 10th season, which premieres on November 6.

The trailer opens with Margaret whipping her tears as she narrates, “These women would hold a bloody knife, stab you in the back and say they didn’t do it.” She adds, “I don’t trust anyone.” The preview goes on to show someone’s hand pulling Marg’s hair and dragging her from behind, as someone yells, “Oh my God!”

“We see my ‘unbeweavable’ ponytail pull right in the trailer. I had it a little rough this year,” Margaret said on the HollywoodLife Podcast during an exclusive interview with Dolores Catania on October 31. “You got assaulted,” Dolores chimed in, noting that she witnessed the whole thing. 

“We all know all our friend group, so I’m sure you guys could assume who it is, though I’m not going to say,” Marg admitted. “But, it was a sneak attack from behind. — The worst kind.” Margaret went on to admit that the “rough attack” caused her injury. “I mean I’ve got whiplash, I’m going to leave it at that. I definitely got a whiplash from it. No bleeding, thank God. But definitely a whiplash,” she revealed.

However, the silver lining? — “The ponytail survived.”

Despite the bumps along the road, Margaret, who joined RHONJ in 2017 (season 8), said she continues to rise above the drama. “I feel like right from the beginning, since I’ve been with this group of ladies, I took a beating and I could still stand up and rise. Rise above it, and feel confident,” she explained. “I don’t think anything really gets me down. I’ve been trashed, I was called an anti-semi, home-wrecker, this and that. But, I think if you believe in yourself and you’re confident in your being, and stand by what you believe in and are authentic, you can survive anything. And I think that’s, with all of us, we’re all pretty strong characters.”

Dolores, who Marg said helped her “clean up the mess” in the aftermath of the scuffle, explained things from her point of view. “I turned my back for a second, so we all know that I’m not the one that did it,” she said, adding that she would’ve helped Margaret if she had seen it from the start.

“I know she would have jumped in. I know she would have jumped in to save me,” Margaret said, to which Dolores replied, “Yes, of course I would have.”

While Marg wouldn’t reveal which one of the Jersey Housewives pulled her hair, the season 10 trailer teases a major rift between her and Danielle Staub. Danielle, who says Margaret needs to be put on “mute” in one scene, returns in a friend capacity this season. In another scene, Danielle blames Margaret for the demise of her marriage to Marty McCaffrey.

Aside from the hair-pulling, Margaret says fans can expect a lot of laughs, different family dynamics and, of course, Jersey drama in “the best season yet.”

“Well they say Jersey is about family, and even though it’s evolved, it was always about Italian family, with their kids. I think now it’s evolved into a new type of family. My kids aren’t on there, but I’m with Marge senior,” she explained of her mother being a regular fixture on the show. “Dolores has a different family dynamic. She has her husband and her boyfriend. I think Jersey has the family dynamic, which other franchises don’t have,” she concluded.

HollywoodLife’s podcast interview with Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania is not yet available on streaming platforms. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 premieres on Bravo Wednesday, November 6, at 8 p.m. ET.

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