‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Trailer: Romeo & Angela Refuse To Reconcile & Damon Dash Is Arrested

'Growing Up Hip Hop' returns for new season 5 episodes on April 23 and the drama escalates to a whole new level. Romeo and Angela go at it, Damon Dash is arrested, and Egypt breaks down in tears.

Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons are not on good terms these days and the tension between them just gets even worse in the new episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop season 5. His dad, Master P, and a friend tell him that he needs to chat with Angela one-on-one to settle things. “Never,” Romeo says before slamming his pool stick down. Romeo and Angela continue to throw shade at each other in interviews.

Meanwhile, Damon Dash finds himself in trouble with the law. He is arrested and taken away in handcuffs! The drama between Sam, Tee Tee, and Egypt Criss continues to get worse as well. Tee Tee calls Sam “two-faced” in the trailer. Pepa, Egypt’s mom, advises her daughter, “Let ’em know who Egypt Criss is.” The trailer ends with a nasty fight!

The new episodes also feature Bow Wow, who recently said he was quitting the show. Bow Wow and Angela become business partners! Bow finds himself on the urge of temptation as the exes try to navigate a working relationship.

In addition, Briana Latrise gets caught in the crosshairs of a social media war with the Pepper’s but has ammunition on Sam that has yet to be unloaded. When Egypt finally takes matters into her own hands, she crosses a line that cannot be erased. But nothing prepares Egypt for the backlash from her iconic parents Pepa and Treach. Meanwhile, Pepa’s niece Tee Tee has estranged herself from the family and is hiding out in Jamaica with her boyfriend of one year…along with a life-altering secret! Boogie Dash struggles with an internal battle on whether to support his father or not when they continue to spar between their father-son and business relationship. Growing Up Hip Hop season 5 will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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