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Danny DeVito Begs New Yorkers To Stay Home To Save His Life Or ‘I’ll Be Outta Here’ — Watch

Celebrated actor and writer Danny DeVito begged New Yorkers 'from the bottom of my heart' to stay home amid the growing health concerns during the global pandemic.

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It’s no longer just Governor Andrew Cuomo who is asking New York citizens to stay home amid the growing COVID-19 global pandemic. In a video the Governor posted to Twitter on March 22, Danny DeVito asked everyone in the state to stay home and save lives — including his. “I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart, all over the state of New York, stay home,” Danny asked in ernest. “I mean everybody.” The actor then shared just how dire the situation really is and, amid the uncertain and anxiety-inducing circumstances, managed to find a way to add some humor into his message.

“I mean, we got this virus, this pandemic and, you know, young people can get it,” the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star, 75, went on. “And they can transmit it to old people. And the next thing you know,” Danny then made a slicing noise with his voice, adding, “I’m out of there!” It’s true that Danny and those over the age of 60 and with pre-existing health conditions are the most susceptible to face the worst of the Coronavirus. As such, Danny explained that “Governor Cuomo asked me to ask you, please do us a favor, all of us, and stay home and not spread this virus around.” After thanking everyone for watching, Danny ended his message by saying, “Watch a little TV, why don’t ya!”

Already in the United States alone, there are over 33,400 confirmed cases with 400 having lost their lives to the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the state of New York alone, there are more than 15,000 cases that have been reported. Taking precautions to contain the spread, Governor Cuomo has introduced a string of ways to lessen the virus’s impact. All non-essential businesses and workers have been asked to close and stay home while citizens are also being asked to maintain social distancing — staying roughly six feet apart from one another.

As for getting the help of Hollywood to send the message directly to fans and citizens alike, the entertainment world has already been hit hard by the virus. Stars like Tom HanksIdris Elba, and Rita Wilson have all tested positive for the virus and are currently in quarantine or self-isolation. Around the world, there are over 330,000 confirmed cases with a global death toll of over 14,500, according to the World Health Organization. In order to take part in containing the spread and flattening the curve, staying home is one of the best options, just as Danny DeVito said.