Wendy Williams Admits She’s Alone & Won’t Ask Her BF ‘To Stay Over’ & Have Sex 

Wendy Williams is taking social distancing very seriously. The talk show host joined Dr. Oz for a discussion about coronavirus on March 20, and admitted that she's not 'swapping spit' among other things during this global health crisis.

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Wendy Williams isn’t having sleepovers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Emmy-nominated talk show host, 55, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show on Friday afternoon, where she weighed in on intimacy and how she would navigate a romantic relationship during this extremely contagious time. Wendy admitted that she’s “dismissing” any sexual relations as coronavirus continues to spread.

During a preview clip for today’s episode, Dr. Mehmet Oz admitted, “Well, at some point, we have to go back in the water.” Yet, the health expert, 59, noted that “there’s decisions to be made along the way” concerning COVID-19. “Do you ask him to stay or do you dismiss him?” he asked Wendy, referencing a male partner or boyfriend.

“Dismiss. I can’t ask him to stay,” she admitted, noting that she’s “thankful that it’s only me as the only human in my house.”

Wendy explained, “When this is over, I’ll see you then. But, right now, no. I don’t trust the swapping of spit, semen, bodily fluids, whether they’re tears or sweat. No, I trust none of that.”

Wendy appeared on Dr. Oz in a pre-taped segment for Friday’s show. Both The Wendy Williams Show and The Dr. Oz Show have postponed production amid the global health crisis. Dr. Oz plans to continue to air daily with him shooting from his home, our sister site, Deadline confirmed.

The daytime shows join the long list of awards shows, late night talk shows, sporting events, and many other tv shows and movies that have all halted production during this unforeseen time.

The outspoken daytime host also told Dr. Oz that she was willing to continue taping her live shows without an audience, despite her network shutting down production.

“I got a telephone call, honestly, and the phone call was, ‘Wendy?’ I was like, ‘What? What am I doing wrong now? I always think I’m in trouble,” the former radio host explained. “They said, ‘We’re all shutting down everything, all the networks. Nobody is going to be doing new shows. We want all the hosts to be well.’”

“I said, ‘But I can do it even with no audience. I don’t even have to have the staffers there because I did that for two days,’” she continued. “But they said, ‘No. We need to have you home, indefinitely.’ There will be no more Wendy or any of the other people for a period of time.’”

“I’m willing to risk it with one camera and a flashlight,” she added. “I’m ready to go back to work next week. I’m ready to go back to work when we’re like — come on, let’s go!”