Jennifer Aniston Reveals What She’s Doing During Quarantine As Ellen Pesters Her With Calls

Ellen DeGeneres called her pal Jennifer Aniston while social distancing, and the 'Friends' star revealed she's doing some spring cleaning.

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A very bored Ellen DeGeneres is making calls to her famous friends in order to distract herself while in self-isolation. The talk show host called up Friends star Jennifer Aniston, who revealed she’s using the free time to clean out her closet. During a phone call with Ellen, as part of her on-going Instagram video series, the 51-year-old actress said her spring cleaning was well underway amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. “What are you doing?” Ellen asked. “Well, not much different than the last time we spoke 30 minutes ago,” Jen quipped back “I’m actually still cleaning out my closet. That’s still happening.” Ellen quickly replied, “What else are you doing? We have to give people ideas!” To which The Morning Show star said, “Of things to do? Well, I do suggest a good spring clean right now while we’re at it. That can’t hurt.” We couldn’t agree more!

Throughout the call, the longtime pals also discussed Ellen’s 4000-piece puzzle. “The table wasn’t big enough. I had to get rid of it,” she admitted. “I had good intentions but I had to get rid of it.” The 62-year-old’s self-isolation has been very well-documented on Instagram, and she shared videos of the complicated puzzle with her millions of fans. “Okay, so I’m bored, I’m sure everybody is bored,” she said of the puzzle, which was a rendering of a painting called “Galleria di vedute di Roma moderna” by Giovanni Paolo Pannini. “I remembered I have a 4,000 piece puzzle … so this is what I’m going to do to keep busy. It’s going to keep me busy for at least an hour. I haven’t done [a puzzle] in a long time, but it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Jen isn’t the only celeb Ellen has been dialing up while social distancing herself in Los Angeles with her wife wife Portia de Rossi. Earlier in the week she called the likes of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and Adam Levine.“Justin,” said a very bored Ellen DeGeneres during a Mar. 18 phone call. “Ellen,” replied Justin Timberlake, curious as to why a very bored Ellen, 62, was calling him and his wife, Jessica Biel. “Whatcha doing?” asked the very bored Ellen, struggling to find something to do during her coronavirus-based isolation. As Ellen and Justin, 39, were talking, Jessica, 38, chimed in to say, “Hey.” Sadly, both of them were doing “nothing,” just like the very bored Ellen. “Alright. Well, I’ll talk to you later,” she said. Justin said that Ellen should “call him in an hour,” but from the next video that the Ellen DeGeneres Show host uploaded to her Instagram, it seems she called John Legend next.

Sadly, Ellen can’t rely on her job to save her from her boredom. The Ellen DeGeneres Show opted to suspend production during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. “Hey there. Me again. So, after some more thought, we have decided to suspend production completely until March 30th. We just want to take every precaution to ensure that we do our part to keep everyone healthy. I love you guys, and can’t wait to come back. I’m already bored,” she informed fans.