50 Cent Jokes His GF Cuban Link Is ‘Making Him Go Up & Down The Stairs Too Much’ During Quarantine

50 Cent is staying in good humor during his Coronavirus quarantine, sharing with his fans and followers a funny post to his Instagram account regarding his prolonged stay with his partner, Cuban Link.

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Even during these difficult times, it’s good to have a laugh! On March 17, 50 Cent took to his personal Instagram account to share with his over 25 million followers just how well he is holding up in self-isolation with his girlfriend, Cuban Link. In the post, the rapper, 44, shared a clip from the music video “I Wish” by Carl Thomas, with the artist singing, “I wish, I wish I never met her at all.” Accompanied with the video was the text, “After 3 days of quarantine with your girl.” 50 playfully agreed with the sentiment, writing in his caption, “yeah come get her she keep sending me up and down the stairs to much f*ck this. FOR LIFE is coming on at 10pm, tune into ABC,” he said. 

Despite his tone, the rapper has really been taking the situation seriously. Following Idris Elba‘s positive diagnosis of the Coronavirus, 50 took to his Instagram account to share Idris’s poignant video, and captioned the clip with a sobering message. “👀oh shit, i’m not coming back out side. i’m done with all this sh*t. 🏃🏽💨,” he shared, adding, “I need a drink.” But only days prior to this particular revelation, 50 was spotted out at Starlet’s Gentlemen’s club in Woodside, NY. 50 was seen just after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged NYC residents to stay indoors, practice social distancing, and stop frequenting “non-essential” businesses.

But it all comes back to how 50 simply operates in his own life. “50 always plays by his own rules and isn’t going to stop living his life no matter what anybody says,” a source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “He doesn’t make decisions based on fear because if he did, he wouldn’t be where he is today.” Beyond his own personal behavior, 50 also has a major stake in the current COVID-19 pandemic. As films and various TV shows continue to come to a halt or are completely canceled, he doesn’t want the same fate to befall his own ABC series For Life or his various entertainment ventures.

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Courtesy of 50 Cent’s Instagram.

“He will be really pissed if his upcoming shows are cancelled because when it comes down to it, he wants to do his thing,” the source said, with a second insider adding, “At the end of the day he’s going to make his own decisions but he will take those things into consideration. He’s very smart and he knows what he’s doing.”

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