Olivia Culpo Demands Her Family Clean Up During ‘Self-Quarantine’ & Her BF’s Reaction Is Priceless

With her Lysol in hand, Olivia Culpo ordered her family to clean up their act while quarantined. However, fans couldn’t help but laugh at Christian McCaffrey’s expression while his girlfriend declared war on ‘filth.’

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Image Credit: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“Don’t want to see this. Don’t want to see this. Don’t want to see this,” Olivia Culpo, 27, said at the start of her Mar. 15 Instagram video, entitled “On today’s episode of ‘My Family is Stuck in the House With Me.’” In the video, Olivia stands with Lysol spray bottle in hand before making a proclamation. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a quarantine. There’s no reason [for] there should to be a mess. … This is called cleaning. We have nothing to do, except to sit in each other’s filth. We should all come together and make it an activity.” While viewers can hear Olivia’s sister Sophia Culpo family roll their eyes, it’s the expression on the face of her boyfriend, NFL running back Christian McCaffrey, that has viewers laughing.

“The look on @christianmccaffrey face is “what have I gotten myself into?” one fan wrote in the comments. Christian does seem surprised as he looks up from his phone to see his girlfriend declaring martial law on her – let’s face it – not that dirty home. Fans felt for Olivia’s boy. “Run, Christian RUN!” “Hahaha, Christian” “Lmao @christianmccaffrey in the background like [huh]” “ahaha this is me🙋🏻‍♀️ my family is over me 😂 and want me to go back to work haha lil suckers 2 weeks off.”

The day before Olivia declared total war on the coronavirus in her home, Olivia shared clips of her, Sophia, and Christian flying in a private jet. “[Sophie] is a very scared flyer,” Olivia said. “But, like any good sister, I brought the goods,” she added, holding up a bottle of champagne. In a second IG Story clip, Olivia advised her sister to take a swig but don’t “do what you did before.” Olivia, like a good older sister, embarrassed Sophie by sharing a clip of her chugging champagne before the bubbly exploded in her mouth. “This was during my other sister’s gender reveal,” Olivia added, tagging Aurora Culpo.

Millions are currently “quarantined” at home in hopes of “flattening the curve” when it comes to the coronavirus’s spread, and it’s expected that this isolation may take a toll on relationships. Thankfully, it seems that Olivia and Christian might have what it takes to come out of this crisis with their romance in tack. “I would say with him, we just really complement one another,” Olivia said when speaking EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “He and I have a lot of the same interests. Very family-oriented, and definitely, we bring out the best in each other.” Add cleaning to that list of interests, especially if he still wants to be her boyfriend when this is all over.

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