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Hailie Scott Mathers, 24, Jokes About Coronavirus While Rocking Thigh-High Snakeskin Boots

Hailie Scott Mathers snapped an editorial-worthy photo in downtown Detroit! Eminem's daughter couldn't resist using her location to poke fun at current coronavirus protocols.

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Style and humor: Hailie Jade Scott Mathers has it all! On March 13, Eminem’s 24-year-old daughter shared a photo of herself standing at a street corner in downtown Detroit [SEEN HERE]. It was the perfect ensemble for a trendy city gal: white cotton blazer, blue skinny jeans, a gold chain link purse and, most noteworthy, thigh-high heeled boots with a fierce snakeskin print. Instead of calling attention to her fit, though, Hailie brought our minds back to the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the United States into a nationwide panic.

“At the corner of wash your hands & don’t touch your face 🙂,” Hailie captioned the photo, poking fun at the fact that she’s standing by a street intersection. Hailie’s got that right — washing your hands (for a minimum of 20 seconds) and not touching your face are among the CDC’s top suggestions to fight the new coronavirus!

Hailie shared her Instagram photo on the same day President Donald Trump declared a national emergency in the US. Amid all this alarming news, Hailie helped her fans focus on staying healthy not only with her caption, but her workout routines as well! The fashion influencer took to her Instagram Story to deliver video demonstrations of her “Legs & Core” workout that consisted of three sets of “single leg floor bridge hold with pulsing knee tuck,” “side kneeling plank pulsing hip abduction,” “split lunge with asymmetrical resistance,” “alternating reverse lunge with dumbbell twist” and “plank donkey kicks.”

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers
Hailie Jade Scott Mathers cracks a lighthearted joke about the coronavirus in an Instagram post on March 13, 2020.

Hailie shared a different routine, one for abs, on March 9! The fashionista took to her yoga mat and filmed “V-crunches,” the “Alternating single leg jackknife crunch,” the “V-sit twist” and the “Reverse crunch.” Here’s to hoping for a hand washing routine next, which appears to be a growing trend among celebrities!