‘On My Block’ Exclusive: The Cast Predicts The Core Four’s Future & More — Watch

'On My Block' season 3 is out now and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE video featuring the cast talking about their character's best quality, flaws, and what they see everyone doing in the future.

The wait is over. On My Block season 3 has finally arrived on Netflix. In honor of this special occasion, HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE video with the cast talking about everything from their character’s best quality to their flaws. Cast members Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao, Sierra Capri, Brett Gray, Julio Macias, and Jessica Marie Garcia give an inside look at their characters. “We’re all going through something in life and I think we can all relate to Cesar how hard he pushes through everything,” Diego says in the video.

Jessica adds about Jasmine, “I admire that she sees people not understanding her and people judging her off the bat and she doesn’t change who she is for that.” Amen, Jessica! Julio has played Cesar’s brother, Spooky, since season 1 but was made a series regular for season 3. The new season will give us the opportunity to explore Spooky more. “Once you get to know Spooky, you see that he’s a very caring person. If you can get past that wall, he’s a ride or die,” Julio says.

No one is perfect and the On My Block cast is well aware this group has some flaws. Diego believes Cesar’s biggest flaw so far is cheating on Monse. “I think the kid’s got too big of a heart,” he adds. Brett knows that Jamal can be absolutely “relentless” at times.

As for what they hope for the future of their characters, Jason wants Ruby to have a happy ending. “It’s inevitable that he becomes this huge party-planning business owner,” he says. Brett believes that Jamal will become a “mad scientist” and “take over the world.” Sierra would like to see Monse “maybe explore her father’s side of the family, really get in touch with who she is, get married and have a couple of babies.” With Cesar, perhaps? Diego just wants Cesar to have a “good, happy life.”

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