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‘Shahs Of Sunset’s Destiney Rose Says She ‘Regrets’ Involvement In Reza Farahan & Mercedes Javid Drama

The eighth season of 'Shahs Of Sunset' may have just started but the drama between the cast is at an all time high says Destiney Rose in this EXCLUSIVE interview!

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Shahs Of Sunset star Destiney Rose, 37, is caught up in some serious drama this season — particularly when it comes to the tension between between former BFFs Reza Farahan, 46, and Mercedes Javid, 47! MJ particularly stirred the pot when she spilled the tea about Reza’s alleged marriage problems to Adam Neely, 34 — but loyal friend Destiney was there to back up Reza as best she could even though Reza felt a little differently on the way it was all handled! “I will say I do regret the way that I approached the whole situation with Reza and Adam,” Destiney told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while discussing the new season on Feb. 28, adding she thought she did the right thing. As viewers will recall, Destiney went right to Reza to let him know that MJ was starting rumors about his marriage. “I wish that I did sit both of them down and have this talk. If I could go back in time, I would shut it down immediately,” she continued.

There has been nothing short of constant finger pointing between Reza and MJ for months now as MJ accused Reza of not being there for her after she welcomed son Shams, 11 months, earlier in 2019. It was during this time that Reza fired back accusing MJ of starting rumors that he and husband of four years Adam were having issues in their marriage. And though Destiney considers herself pals with both of her co-stars, she admits she has an alliance to Reza. “I wouldn’t be in a situation to where I felt compelled that I had to immediately go to Reza myself because I’ve known him for so long,” Destiney shared. “I have a loyalty to him, you know? And anything that I hear, I immediately tell him. I talk to him every day. But, I do wish I sat down and told Adam and Reza at the same time, but in that moment I had to immediately just get it off my chest and so I went to Reza, but listen, I’m still dealing with all of the pain and the backlash, and all the craziness that went with it. And it’s the human process for all of us.”

Although the footage we’re seeing was filmed months ago, unfortunately, it’s been an uphill battle for Destiney to get her friendship back on track with Reza as Destiney feels she was just trying to do the right thing. “I could not keep something within myself knowing that I love this person so much he needs to know ASAP,” Destiney said of sharing the hurtful information she heard with Reza. “As of right now, listen, I love that man. I will always love that man. I have loyalties to that man. You know, when he hurts, I hurt,” she added.

“As of right now, we have our moments,” she also continued. “We’re working on it, but I love him. I want to think that we’re in a better place. But again, it’s one of those things where it’s a daily battle of emotions and feelings. This is something that’s so serious. When you have someone in your life for over 30 years and you hear something that affects you so much from a person that you have been with for the majority of your life, it does damage, you know? And with that being said, I wish that we all were in a better place, all of us, but it’s still rocky.”

Be sure to tune into see the drama continue to unfold this season on Shahs Of Sunset which airs at 9pm on Bravo.