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‘American Idol’ Recap: The Judges Bring 1 Talented Singer To Tears & Predict She’ll Be A ‘Star’

The judges are so impressed by one contestant on the March 8 episode of 'American Idol,' that they use her as an example to the other singers for just how intense the talent is this season.

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The auditions continue on the March 8 episode of American Idol! Up first is Danny La Rota, who sings “Royals” by Lorde. Judge Katy Perry dubs Danny as the most ‘unique’ contestant they’ve seen this season so far. He gets a resounding yes from all three judges, which means he’s moving onto Hollywood. Next up is a contestant who has no idea who ANY of the judges are. Lou Dawg sings an original song, and the judges agree that he “almost” has something. They’re worried that he’s not taking the competition seriously enough. Lionel Richie says no, Katy says yes, and Luke Bryan agrees with Lionel that Lou needs work, so he won’t be moving on.

Makayla Phillips is the next contestant. She previously auditioned in 2017, but was two weeks too young at the time. Her performance of “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson 5 seriously impresses the judges — Katy even predicts she’ll be top 10 — and she gets her golden ticket to Hollywood. Devon Alexander sings “Not In That Way” by Sam Smith, and the judges are confident in his ability. They also give him a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Up next, Mosean Wilson, sings an original song called “Slip Away.” He also opens up to the judges about the death of his father and how he has a young daughter. The judges compliment his voice and his will to prove himself. Lionel even gets out of his chair to give Mosean a hug, while Katy is left wiping tears from her eyes. Unsurprisingly, he gets the golden ticket.

Next, Faith Becnel gets some tough love from the judges, who push her to prove herself during the audition. Lionel doesn’t think Faith is ready, but Katy and Luke give her the ‘yes’ to get through to Hollywood, but they also warn her that she has some work to do. The next audition is from a musical couple, Kat Luna and Alejandro “Alex” Garrido Cortez.. They’re auditioning separately, but they perform together. They sing a beautiful rendition of “Shallow,” and once again, Katy is in tears. Both Kat AND Alex get voted through to Hollywood after their auditions.

Tavia belts out “I Will Survive” next. While it was good at times, the judges can’t help but notice her lack of experience. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get voted through, but the judges urge her to keep trying. The next contestant to audition is Sophia Wackerman, who sings “Water” by Bishop Briggs. The judges are touched by her voice, as well as her story about losing her mom as a teenager. Lionel predicts that she’ll be top 10, while Katy gives her some advice for her future performances. The judges vote her through to Hollywood.

Next, a contestant who comes from a psychic family and can see ghosts takes the stage. First, Jimmy Levy’s psychic mom gives the judges a reading — she tells Luke that his two late siblings are watching over him, lets Katy know that she’s found her soulmate, and warns Lionel to start juicing. He begins to sing “Wicked Games,” but Katy stops him and urges him to perform something a cappella, and notes that she can tell he’s nervous. The judges say that Jimmy has talent, but admit that there’s work to be done. They decide to give him the golden ticket, but warn him that he’s going to have to work to prove himself.

Olivia Ximines sings “Language” by Tori Kelly for her audition. The judges are impressed by her voice, but even more impressed by her “sparkling aura,” and they send her through to Hollywood. The next artist, Marna Michelle, is wheelchair-bound after being born with a disability. The performance isn’t perfect, and the judges give her a lot of advice. When they see that she’s actively listening and taking their advice, they give her the golden ticket to Hollywood.

Up next, Zack Dobbins auditions with an original song. He doesn’t know much about the technical part of singing, but the judges can’t deny that he has a unique voice. All three judges give him a yes to Hollywood. The final audition of the night is from Ren Patrick, who opens up about recently getting out of a toxic relationship. She sings “Dancing On My Own,” and gets rave reviews from the judges, who give her the golden ticket.