Lisa Kudrow Confuses Beyonce For Kim Kardashian & Fans Are Baffled — Watch

Lisa Kudrow confused viewers and contestants when she appeared on the game show '25 Words or Less" and gave a false clue about Beyonce after mistaking her for Kim Kardashian.

Lisa Kudrow, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian
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Can Lisa Kudrow, 56, tell Beyonce, 38, and Kim Kardashian, 39, apart? That’s the question that was on every person’s mind when she hilariously confused the two ladies during her appearance on the game show 25 Words of Less. The actress had Beyonce’s name on the card she was holding and since the point of the game is for the person with the card to try and get teammates to guess what’s on it by giving them clues in 25 words or less, that’s exactly what she did, but her clue was about Kim!

Kanye [West]’s wife,” she said to her teammates as the clock ticked. “Kim Kardashian,” one of them correctly answered, but when Lisa said that wasn’t the right answer it made everyone stop with a very dazed look on their faces. The Friends star then realized her mistake and gave off an expression that she was fighting hard to think before she blurted out “Jay Z!” and her teammates immediately responded with the real answer of Beyonce.

Once the clip of the memorable moment hit the internet, social media followers couldn’t help but comment on Lisa’s confusion and some thought it was funny while others didn’t understand how she could mistake the two. “LMFAOO I LOVE HER!!!!” one Twitter user wrote. “well- imagine not having basic pop culture knowledge,” another commented. “embarrassing,” a third responded while many others left laughing emojis.

Although the mistake was definitely surprising, Lisa may have other things on her mind like the recently announced Friends reunion, which is set to air on HBO Max in May 2020! She will be joined by her former castmates, including Jennifer Aniston, 51, Courteney Cox, 55, Matthew Perry, 50, and Matt LeBlanc, 52, for the epic return and it will all take place on the original soundstage of the sitcom at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA. The beloved show, which lasted from 1994 until 2004, will also be shown on the new HBO platform, leaving fans full of delight.

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