Dua Lipa Gets ‘Physical’ In Sexy, Homage Music Video To Olivia Newton John & Workouts Of The 80’s

This look familiar! Dua Lipa channeled Olivia Newton John in her new video that was definitely giving some major 80's flashbacks.

What a visual feast! Dua Lipa, 24, brought the fun, fashion and more in her “Let’s Get Physical Work Out Video” that premiered on Friday, March 6. The nearly six minute clip began with the British beauty introducing herself as the viewer’s “instructor” while looking absolutely stunning in a bright yellow bathing suit with the word “physical” splashed multiple times across the middle. Her two-toned hair, which only enhanced the overall ensemble itself, was kept up in a knot but was still long enough to reach all the way past her chest! The retro-looking video then transitioned into the gym where her backup dancers were introduced. Each had their own unique name (Ginger Snap and Extra-Va being two examples) but were still connected in the fashion department with everyone looking like they came fresh from the 80’s.

Cue the workout related choreography! Dua and her crew continued on in the clip by expertly doing workouts that were popular nearly forty years ago. Things got a tad NSFW later on in the footage when the gang started doing pelvic thrusts on their brightly colored mats. Oh my! Fans praised the video and song in the comments section, with one passionately writing, “She’s saving the pop industry by bringing these 80’s elements to her songs. It’s like she’s creating something unique and nostalgic at the same time.” The theme of the clip and her fan’s words makes sense as her upcoming album is called Future Nostalgia. It officially drops on April 3.

Dua’s newest video pays homage to Olivia Newton John‘s classic hit “Physical” in terms of its sound and overall look. The Grease babe’s record, where the video featured her working out alongside several scantily-clad men, was ranked number one on Billboard Magazine‘s Top 100 Songs of the 1980’s list.

The 24-year-old’s passion for fashion is part of what has made her a growing star over the past couple of years. She looked amazing in a pair of silky white pajamas on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in January while performing her new single “Don’t Stop Now”. We can’t wait to see what Dua comes up with next as her career continues to rise!

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