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Tyler Cameron’s Mom’s Cause Of Death Revealed: How Andrea Suddenly Passed Away At 55

Following the unexpected passing of Tyler Cameron's mom Andrea, her cause of death was revealed in a bittersweet interview with her three sons.

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Following the blindsiding news of Andrea Cameron’s passing, Tyler Cameron’s mom’s cause of death has been announced. The Florida-based real estate agent and mother of three sadly passed away from a brain aneursym at the age of 55 on Feb. 29, which The Palm Beach Post reported in a profile piece about Tyler’s beloved mom on March 4. Given that brain aneurysms don’t always show symptoms, they can go unnoticed while existing as “a bulge or ballooning in a blood vessel in the brain,” according to the Mayo Clinic. Ruptured aneursyms cause bleeding in the brain, otherwise known as a hemorrhagic stroke, the medical center explained.

Rather than focusing on the nature of Andrea’s death, however, the newspaper profile called on her sons Tyler, Ryan and Austin to reflect on the kindness and fun-loving spirit that their mom was known for. Tyler especially gushed about how his late mother never failed to act as his cheerleader while he competed on Season 15 of The Bachelorette, which aired just months before she passed away. “She was super supportive. But what was so amazing…she was supportive for [Bachelorette star Hannah Brown) and everyone else who was a part of that show but she was also supportive to the random fans,” Tyler recalled during the interview.

Thanks to the newfound fame Tyler found on the dating show, the ABC star was even able to bring his mom to the People’s Choice Awards in Nov. 2019. He wished they could’ve attended even more exciting events together. “It hurts because there were so many cool things for us to do down the road,” Tyler admitted, but added that he’s “grateful” that he “got to spend that kind of event and moment with her.”

Fans first became aware that something was wrong when Tyler dropped out of a Good Morning America appearance on Feb. 27, due to a “family emergency.” Later, their worries were confirmed when Tyler took to Instagram with heartbreaking news on March 3: “heaven gained an angel,” his mom.

The Bachelorette alum delivered this news alongside a bittersweet photo of Tyler and his brothers’ hands clutching their mom’s, which was hooked up to an IV at the hospital. In his tribute message, Tyler added, “We will love and miss our mother dearly. She will live on through us and through those that she has had an impact on. While we grieve, we ask for two things: First, tell those you love that you love them; and second, please let us take this time to celebrate her life in private. Thank you for all of your love and support. ❤️”