Elisabeth Moss Finally Reveals The Truth About Those Tom Cruise Dating Rumors — Watch

During her appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live,' Elisabeth Moss revealed that she was incredibly 'confused' by rumors that she was engaged to actor Tom Cruise!

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As a high-profile celeb, Elisabeth Moss is more than aware of some of the wild stories written about her, including one that entailed she was engaged to Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise, 57! During her March 2 guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, The Invisible Man actress, 37, revealed exactly what she thought of those fabricated stories. “I actually was confused and also mainly got texts from people being, like, ‘I didn’t know, why didn’t you tell me…’ and just confusion from my friends,” she shared with the talk show host and her The Invisible Man co-star, Aldis Hodge. Ever the professional, though, Elisabeth took the gossip in stride and even found ways to make fun of the whole situation!

“[My friends were] mainly poking fun at it because they knew that it wasn’t true,” she confessed. Elisabeth even came face-to-face with one of the very magazines touting the story! But, again, found a way to spin the whole situation and turn it into a laugh. “I saw it on the cover of one of the gossip magazines and I was like, ‘I’ve never had that haircut,'” she quipped. “It was supposed to be a picture of the two of us and I said, ‘I’ve never styled my hair like that.'” The Emmy winner went on to explain how the magazine had superimposed her face onto another woman’s body, just to get the story out. But Elisabeth’s co-star spun the whole thing in quite the positive light.

“That’s how you know you’ve made it,” Aldis said. “When people are, like, you know, making up who you’re marrying. I feel, like, you know, you made it,” he said to Elisabeth approvingly. While some fans of the Mad Men alum may not be so familiar with her dating history — real or otherwise — they’re more than acquainted with her impressive work! Prior to starring in this year’s rendition of The Invisible Man, Elisabeth has led the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale. For her role in the show, Elisabeth has won two Emmy awards; one for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and the second for Outstanding Drama Series as a producer on the show — both in 2017.

While season four of the series is slated to return in 2020, Elisabeth’s focus is currently on promoting The Invisible Man. With a slew of positive reviews, praising both the film and Elisabeth’s performance, The Invisible Man appears to be a spring film that fans of the accomplished actress shouldn’t sleep on. Elisabeth plays Cecilia Kass, the widow of abusive ex, Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). After Adrian takes his own life, Cecilia is left his fortune and the lingering neuroses that she isn’t alone. The movie features Cecilia trying to prove to everyone else that she is being haunted — and hunted — by a specter they cannot see. The Invisible Man is now in theaters!