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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Fantasy Suite Week Takes A Toll On Madison & Peter’s Relationship

Madison struggles with Peter possibly sleeping with two other women on the Feb. 24 episode of 'The Bachelor,' and the tension threatens to tear their otherwise perfect relationship apart.

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The Feb. 24 episode of The Bachelor begins right where last week left off — with Madison Prewett pulling Peter Weber aside after the rose ceremony. Madison has yet to tell Peter that she’s saving herself for marriage, and she’s worried about going into the all-important fantasy suite week without letting him know. “Next week, if you were to sleep with somebody else, it would be really hard for me to move forward in this,” Madison admits. The statement leaves Peter a little bit confused, and Madi doesn’t know how to assure him that everything is okay.

“I feel like that’s not fair to the [other] relationships [with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller] I have, but I don’t want to give you doubt in any way and make you feel like I think any less of what we have,” Peter tells Madison. Peter tries to get clarity about what Madison would do if she did find out he slept with someone else. Here’s how she sums it up: “In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum or tell you what you can and can’t do. I hope you know that. But for me, actions speak louder than words, and I’m just really big on that.” The conversation ends with Peter letting Madison know that he’s crazy about her and that he “feels good” about their relationship. However, in a confessional, he admits that he needs more assurance from Madison that she’s on the same page as him as their journey continues.

Finally, Peter and the women head to Australia. For the first time ever, all three of the women are staying in the same hotel room during fantasy suite week — AWKWARD! The first date goes to Hannah Ann. After they have some fun on jet skis, Peter tells Hannah Ann that he’s falling in love with her, and they makeout on the beach.

Over dinner, Peter thanks Hannah Ann for not letting any doubt creep in when it comes to their relationship. He also lets her know that she has nothing to worry about and that she’s not going anywhere. She assures him that she’s okay with him doing whatever he has to do with the other women and that she’ll still be there for him in the end, regardless. After what Madison told him, this is comforting for Peter to hear. Afterward, Peter and Hannah Ann decide to spend the night together in the fantasy suite.

When Hannah Ann gets back to the room the next day, it’s obviously super awkward between her and the other women. However, it’s time to move onto Victoria’s date. Things didn’t end on great terms between Peter and Victoria after her hometown date, and Peter wants to address that right away. He lets her know that he trusts her and believes her when she says she didn’t “ruin relationships” like his ex, Merissa Pence, claimed. They agree to move forward and not look back on the tough times they had.

Peter and Victoria take a helicopter ride, and their physical chemistry is evident. However, he’s worried about the lack of communication they’ve had in their relationship. Peter thanks Victoria for fighting for him by coming to his hotel room to win him back after their failed hometown date, and the daytime portion of the date ends with them on great terms.

At night, Victoria opens up about how she was treated in a past relationship, and why it’s made communication difficult for her in this one. Peter urges Victoria to talk things out with him in the future, rather than just pushing him away. There’s some frustration, though, when Peter tries to get her to open up more about why she didn’t feel “good enough” in her last relationship. Victoria gets emotional when she worries that she isn’t giving Peter the answers he wants. However, he promises that he’s not judging her and that he’s super confident in their relationship. The conversation is just what they needed, and Peter feels better than every about their relationship. They decide to spend the night together in the fantasy suite to top it all off, and Madison tells Peter she’s in love with him.

Back at the girls’ hotel room, Madison opens up to Hannah Ann about how hard this week has been for her, and admits that Peter sleeping with someone else would be a “make or break” for her. Hannah Ann doesn’t say much to Madison, but in her confessional, she admits to being “really thrown off” by the comment, since Madison “knew what [she] was coming into” by signing up for The Bachelor. When Madison leaves for her date, Hannah Ann fills Victoria in on the conversation, and Victoria is even more baffled.

Madison has a lot of nerves going into her date, but before they get into the conversation she needs to have, Madison and Peter climb to the top of the tallest building in Australia. During the date, Madison realizes that she’s in love with Peter and that she can see a future with him, and he knows more than ever that he’s in love with her. During the nighttime portion of the date, Madison finally tells Peter that she’s saving herself for marriage, and he lets her know that he respects that decision, even though he doesn’t have those same values.

Once again, Madison lets Peter know that she won’t be able to move forward with him if he slept with one or both of the other women. She explains that she doesn’t want to be judgmental, but that she isn’t willing to compromise the expectations she’s set for herself and the person who she’s with. For Peter, though, intimacy is a big part of a relationship, and he has no choice but to admit to her that he was intimate during his other fantasy suite dates.

Obviously, Madison is upset, and she has to take a minute to step away from the table. She’s admittedly hurt by the decisions that Peter made. Eventually, Peter confronts Madison. They cry together, and he apologizes. Peter is devastated over the possibility that he could lose Madison. However, the fate of this couple is left up in the air, and we won’t see how the rest of this plays out until the show’s March 2 episode, which will also feature the Women Tell All special!