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Dick Van Dyke, 94, Makes Rare Appearance To Endorse Bernie Sanders & Twitter Goes Wild

Comedy icon Dick Van Dyke is feeling the Bern...by throwing his support behind Bernie Sanders for president. The 94-year-old said age doesn't matter, but experience does.

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When folks logged onto Twitter on the night of Friday, Feb. 21 and saw Dick Van Dyke‘s name trending, many feared the worst for the 94-year-old living legend. But it turns out, he’s just a great big Bernie Sanders supporter. Dick taped a video in support of the 78-year-old Vermont senator, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. Bernie’s campaign released the video, showing the incredibly spry actor praising the candidate.

Calling himself “a very enthusiastic supporter” of Bernie, Dick said he can’t wait to see him debate President Donald Trump, 73. The Dick Van Dyke Show star continued, “The age question keeps coming up. I know that I’m 20 years older than Bernie. I have all my marbles. I could run for office if I wanted to. So I don’t think age — it really doesn’t matter, except for the experience and all of the years he’s put in.” Dick added, “He never has changed his attack because of pressure from the outside or when he felt the wind was blowing another way. He stuck with who he is and what he believes.”

The Mary Poppins star urged his generation to get out and vote for Bernie, as he has been lagging in polling numbers among senior citizens. The comedic icon also said that this is the most important election post World War II, because, “Another four years under the current administration, and we won’t have a democracy anymore.” He added, “We must get him out of there,” referring to Trump.

Twitter went wild with Dick’s endorsement of Bernie. A user named Gabriella pointed out, “This man is endorsed by both Ariana Grande and Dick Van Dyke and you still don’t think he’s the unity candidate?” One man tweeted, “I didn’t have Dick Van Dyke Endorses Sanders in my predictions for today but I am delighted.” A user named Josh wrote, “Just when I thought it was impossible to like Dick Van Dyke more…BTW, would totally vote for a Sanders/Van Dyke ticket.”

Whether you’re joining Dick in voting for Bernie Sanders, or putting your support behind another candidate, it’s important that you get out the vote! If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you can do so using this module: