Tom Brady’s Salary Demands Revealed: What it Will Take For Him To Stay With The Patriots After Free Agency

Tom Brady has six Super Bowl rings from his career with the NE Patriots. He becomes a free agent in March and could leave the team if he isn't paid what he's worth.

Tom Brady
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Tom Brady is without question the greatest quarterback of this century. His record six Super Bowl wins as quarterback for the New England Patriots prove it. But he’s never been paid record salaries, instead allowing the Pats organization to have more money to spend on talent to surround him with on the field. At 42, he’s still playing at an elite level and wants to end his career with the kind of paycheck he’s always deserved. Tom heads into his final free agency in March, and could wind up somewhere other than New England.

“Tom wants to get paid and he wants to play till he is at least 45. He has had an amazing career, but has always taken a back seat when it comes to getting the money he deserves for the benefit of the team as a whole. With this next contract being his last contract, he wants to be paid how an elite quarterback should be paid, and that is to get at least $30 million a year,” a source close to Tom tells EXCLUSIVELY. Up until 2019, Tom had never made more than $20 million in a season, and six other quarterbacks in the NFL out-earned him last year.

“That is why this off-season is so important, as he is going to listen to any team that wants to make him an offer. His focus is on what the Los Angeles Chargers, the Dallas Cowboys and the Las Vegas Raiders have to say about it all. But he is also going to enjoy being courted by any team that wants him,” our insider continues.

“He will listen, because if it is the right fit, then it is the right fit. And before everyone in New England freaks out that he is going to leave, he will give them the last shot to make things right. He is going to give (team owner) Robert Kraft all the time in the world for a rebuttal on all the offers he gets,” our source adds. “If he is promised around the asking price of $30 million a year and to be surrounded by a great team, then New England will keep him. But he is leaning more towards a deal with another team right now, especially one that is willing to pay him boatloads of cash.”

Tom already announced in a  lengthly Jan. 8, 2020 Instagram post that he wouldn’t be retiring, writing “I know I still have more to prove.” The always striving for greatness athlete shared an Instagram pic of him in the sand about to throw a football on Feb. 7, 2020, and captioned it, “31 weeks until kickoff. That’s a lot of time to get better,” for next season. The question is, whose uniform will he be wearing?


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