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Tom Brady’s Plans For His Future In Football Revealed As He Approaches 42nd Birthday

Tom Brady celebrates his 42nd birthday on Aug. 3 and getting older is helping him think about his future with the New England Patriots and football in general, and he's making some decisions.

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Tom Brady
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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady turned 42 on Aug. 3, and it has many football fans wondering just how long he’s planning on continuing to play in the NFL and avoid retirement! Although the athlete’s contract expires after this upcoming season, he may not be ready to call it quits just yet and turning 42 is just further proving how much energy he still has left in him.

“Everyone is getting on Tom for getting older and still playing in the NFL, whether it is playfully by friends and family, or more seriously from those on sports talk radio and the ESPNs of the world,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “And everyone is trying to predict when he is going to retire and stop playing football but his thoughts are exactly what they have been for the last few years. He feels like he has plenty of gas in the tank to play a few more years and he is looking forward to continuing even though he doesn’t have a contract yet beyond this year. He anticipates that a contract will be made to continue playing with the Patriots and he is looking forward to proving people wrong, once again, as he gets older in a sport full of 20-somethings.”

Despite being one of the older players in his sport, Tom still feels like he’s in his 20s so he’s good with it and he’s great at not letting critics get him down. “He feels like a 22-year-old” the source admitted. “He is healthy and happy and is looking to win his seventh championship for the Patriots. Let people doubt him, it feeds him to do even better to prove everyone wrong.”

Tom and the Patriots, the team he joined in 2000, won their most recent Super Bowl in Feb, making him a six-time Super Bowl champion overall.