Justin Bieber Awkwardly Botches His Wedding Vows To Hailey In New Wedding Footage

Justin Bieber shared a memorable video clip that showed him stumbling over his vows to wife Hailey Baldwin during their wedding on the latest episode of his documentary series 'Seasons'.

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Justin Bieber, 25, had a little mishap when reciting his wedding vows to Hailey Baldwin, 23, during their Sept. 2019 nuptials but it turned out to be quite a funny moment! The singer meant to say back the vows that the officiator of the wedding said but ended up stumbling over the words more than once and even asked some questions while he was at it. “In token and pledge of our constant faith,” the officiator said in the clip, which was shown on episode 7 of Justin’s documentary Seasons, as Justin and Hailey stood at the ceremony holding hands. “In token and pledge in our…token?” Justin asked before the officiator repeated the line. “In token and pledge?” he asked again as the officiator replied, “Yes”. He asked it one more time before going on to ask, “What does that mean?” which prompted a lot of laughs from the wedding attendees. Check out the wedding video of Justin and Hailey HERE!

Justin’s cute questions were part of the charm of their wedding, according to Hailey, who could be seen talking about their special day in a sit-down interview on the episode. “Everything happened the exact way it was supposed to. I really believe that,” she said. “Even all the little mishaps that might of happened and us stumbling over our words. Whatever it was, I think that it was so meant to be.”

In addition to the stumbling moments that Hailey was referring to, the episode showed the sweet moment that she and Justin finished the ceremony and had their first official wedding kiss. The crowd cheered for their love and everything seemed as perfect as could be.

Justin’s docuseries, which first premiered on Jan. 27, has been giving fans many glimpses into his personal life, including his struggles anxiety and Lyme disease. In episode 5, he revealed that he sleeps in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and relies on NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) infusions to help “flush out toxins” after going through years of being addicted to weed, lean (a liquid opiod), and pills in his late teens and early 20s. He called it his “dark period” and is happy to be clean now and focusing on his new marriage and his upcoming album Changes, (his first in five years) which will be released on Feb. 14.

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