Maye Musk Reveals Why Being 71 ‘Doesn’t Bother’ Her & How She Stays Energized

Maye Musk is 71 and thriving! The model, author & activist spoke To HL at the BlogHer Health Summit & dished on how she stays energized in her 70s!

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At 71, Maye Musk looks better than ever! The silver-haired, bright smiling COVERGIRL, and mom of famed Tesla founder/CEO Elon Musk, revealed her secrets in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife while attending the BlogHer Health Summit as a panelist in Los Angeles, California. “I look good because there’s good lighting!” she joked, at first. “Seventy-one doesn’t bother me. I think I’m going to be looking great at 81 and 91 and I hope to be 101! Mainly I have to eat very well, which is hard, because there’s so much temptation and I have to maintain my weight not only for health but for energy as well. And fortunately I’m a dietician and I know what to eat.”

She revealed that she “eats vegetarian at home because I’m a bad cook and then when I go out I’ll have some meat, fish and chicken and then I will take some home with me and then I have it lasting two more days.” That’s the secret to good gut health, everyone! Maye has recently opened up in a new book, A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success, and revealed that it was her children’s advice to put the stories about her personal struggles into her book. “My kids said, you have to, you have to talk about your struggles, Elon, Kimball and Tosca all separately, they said you have to tell people how you struggled and how you survived because people think I’m too perfect on Instagram. Of course, aren’t we all?” she said.

“I think people will learn that they don’t need to learn about me, but they will see themselves in the book,” Maye continued to say. “It still shows that you will go through times in your life when you have financial problems, but if you can keep your health and you can keep a positive attitude, you just have to get out there and let people appreciate you.”