‘Zombies 2’ Cast Reveals What They Love Most About Shrimpy — Watch

The 'Zombies 2' premiere is just days away! In this EXCLUSIVE video, the cast reveals their favorite things about Shrimpy and fondest moments. Plus, we have some behind-the-scenes scoop about the one and only Shrimpy!

There’s just something about Shrimpy! The Seabrook High School mascot is loved by so many. HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE video of the Zombies 2 cast talking about the mightiest shrimp of all. “It’s not a normal day when Shrimpy’s around. That’s what we always say on set,” Milo Manheim, a.k.a. Zed, reveals.

Chandler Kinney, who plays a new character named Willa, admits that her favorite part about Zombies 2 was working with Shrimpy. She calls Shrimpy an “impeccable actor” and “so talented.” Pearce Joza, who plays Wyatt, adds, “I think working with Shrimpy, he really raises you up as another artist. He really helps you become the character you were meant to be.”

Milo and Meg Donnelly, a.k.a. Addison, discuss the bus scene where Shrimpy is at the wheel. Meg reveals that the bus was actually supposed to stop and not hit Zed as he set up his prawn-posal, but Shrimpy made the decision to keep the bus going. Running Zed over? Total improv on Shrimpy’s part. What an actor.

HollywoodLife also has some behind-the-scenes scoop about Shrimpy for you to enjoy. Boxing gloves convey his fightin’ spirit but truth be told, he’s a softie. Turns out, his silhouette was actually introduced in the first Zombies when it premiered in 2018. We’ve been waiting two years for him to rally Seabrook zombies and cheerleaders (and now, werewolves).

Zombies 2
Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim are huge stars among kids and families, but even they and Baby Ariel have the un-shellfish inclination that Shrimpy may just be the break out star of ‘Zombies 2.’ He’s bound to be the Funny Valentine of 2020 because he can’t help but make kids, parents, and his co-stars laugh. (Disney Channel)
Zombies 2
Big blank googly-eyed Shrimpy could make for the most aptly absurd ‘Mood’ meme for our times. Ain’t that the truth! (Disney Channel)

The 7-foot tall energetic mascot will make his big debut in Zombies 2 on February 14. He’s bound to be the Funny Valentine of 2020 because he can’t help but make kids, parents and his co-stars laugh. The Disney Channel Original Movie will air at 8 p.m.

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