Dorothy Wang Reveals How She Gets Flawless Skin Ahead Of New Website Launch

Dorothy Wang's skin was glowing at her recent launch party for her new website and she's revealing her secrets to looking so flawless EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife!

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Dorothy Wang
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Dorothy Wang, 32, has been off TV screens for a few years now as Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills has come to a close and she’s been working hard on herself to get that perfectly glowing skin. “I drink a lot of water”, Dorothy told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the launch party of her new website, a new platform that will share trusted, curated travel guides for the most fabulous (and not so fabulous) experiences possible on Jan. 29 at Hills Penthouse in West Hollywood. “I use very just clean, simple skincare. I use the same moisturizer from Canara [from the] Olga Lorencin Skin Care Clinic for the last seven years and that’s all I use.”

Though the social media influencer has finally found a routine that works for her, the not so good days were really a wake up call for her to finally find that inner confidence. “This is going to sound really cocky, it is flawless,” Dorothy shared of her skin. “But when it goes through it… I, for the last year, had really crazy allergic reactions. I went on this detox, and I detoxed my body and went on a flush, and then now my skin is back to how it was.”

“But for a year of my life… that’s why also I’ve shied away from a lot of public appearances and things, I would get these crazy allergic reactions and my full face would get really puffy and it would all peel, and there was like mysterious blotches and stuff,” she continued. “That also really forced me to kind of slow down and like look inward and just be like, ‘What really makes you happy?’ What do you really want to do? And it really made me kind of cut out the clutter and focus on creating this lifestyle travel website.”

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And while skincare is a huge part of her daily routine, she also focuses on the other parts of her body and taking the best care of herself as a whole to round out looking her best. “I’ve learned a lot about diet recently, and I think that, obviously I love food and I love to enjoy myself and you can’t cut that out of your life ever, but you can’t overdo it and eat away,” Dorothy shared. “Everything in moderation. And I love to, if I have an exciting meal or a trip to come up, be excited for it and save up for it and be really healthy leading up for it so I can splurge on those special moments.”